My shower shelf goes like this

Everything about showers are awesome.  They wash away problems, dirt and the rest and leave you feeling either rested or invigorated depending on the water temperature!  A lot of my problems are solved in the shower, I hold my own strategy meetings, I map out my day or the day to follow and I get my life sorted in there.  My biggest issue with this is literally the minute I jump out, I forget everything I have just strategised, projected, planned and solved.  I’m motioning some type of device that I can write whilst I’m in the shower and it be converted to evernote.  Until such a time, I often get out and say on repeat the most important parts so I don’t forget.  Doesn’t work that well, but better than nothing at all.  One thing I don’t have to worry about in my shower are the products I use. For the most part they are family loving, chemical free and non hormone disrupting.  It’s an extremely important element of my lifestyle that I choose products that aren’t toxic or pose any danger to my happy little brood.

Given this, I thought it would be fun to run a series of “my loves,” you know what’s in my fridge, my cleaning cupboard and so on.  We’re kicking off with what’s in my shower!  It goes something like this:

Cocobody Nourishing Oil – hands down one of my most favourite products I’ve ever laid eyes on.  I use it for literally all cleaning practices – I use it to cleanse, to nourish and to moisten my skin.  That also means when I travel this handy little pack can cleanse my makeup, moisturise my skin and act as a light sunscreen and after sun care product.  This baby is most certainly coming to Hawaii with me!

Endota Spa Body Scrub – the more I’ve dived back into higher intensity exercise, the more I’m relying on the combination of body scrubs and my cleansing oils to keep my skin clear.  Back-acne as I chatted about last week here is well managed with this winning combo.  I’m loving this silky body scrub.  It leaves my skin feeling moisturised rather than stripping away the oils.  I’d be lost without a good scrub for those troublesome areas like my chest and back.

Cocobody Hair Shampoo and Conditioner – not just because I’m a fan, but because this natural hair care combo really is the bee’s knees!  The shampoo is so moisturising, at times I use the tiniest bit of conditioner BUT without having to worry about it getting oily again in an instant.  I have to say it’s become my most favourite product of its kind.

Aesop Cleansing Oil – can you tell I’m a raging fan of an oil cleanser?  For the same reason as back-acne, I cleanse with oil because my skin absolutely loves me for it.  This blend is wildly interesting but it works for me.

Thank you Body Wash – this supermarket staple is our go to family body wash.  It’s relatively free of the nasties, lathers nicely and smells delish.  It’s also on tap at my local supermarket which means if I run out, I can easily get more!

So many people have been keen to see what I use for makeup, body products, cleaning products, in my fridge, my wardrobe… tool shed – you name it!  So keep an eye out for these posts.  They are a little bit of fun and hopefully spark some ideas of friendlier house hold items that can help make your life all that bit sweeter.

AND before I go, my friends at Coco Body were super excited by my enthusiasm for their awesome range, they have given you 10% offUse the codeword THANKSNAT at checkout (you’re so very welcome).  Simply head here to purchase and start loving your hair and body crazy with these beautiful products!  SO GOOD!

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  • April 29, 2016 By Shelley 10:31 am

    Lol, love it Nat – I do the same as you in the shower….I sort out all world problems, then promptly forget all the solutions once I’ve dried off! I do the same on my morning walk along the beach – someone surely must invent a device to dictate thoughts (though not all of them – yikes, that’d be a scary read)! lol

  • May 11, 2016 By justine roberts 4:26 pm

    Hi Nat

    Thanks for sharing. I am always looking for new ideas for shampoo. it is the only product I use that has a few not so good things in it. When I looked up the ingredients in coco body shampoo there are a few iffy ones. I have tried making my own and using Dr Bronners which I use happily on my skin but with disastrous results. interested in your thoughts on some of the ingredients such as sodium lauryl sarcosinate which is a 3 in EWG website. As I have had lots of hormone issues I have been told to avoid anything over a 1.

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