My current life-hacks (obsessions actually!)

I’m all about drawing on others little sweet tips for life to make my own life that little bit easier.  With this in mind, I’ve a few on my list at the moment that are really spinning my wheels, so I thought rather than keep them to myself, I might make your life a little smaller or that bit less cluttered.

Smiling Mind App

I’m addicted. My kids are addicted. We are wildly loving the Smiling Mind app in this house. If you’re unfamiliar you must check out Smiling Mind – small, easy to follow, guided meditations that you can do anywhere at anytime, they take less than 10 minutes and bring you back to earth. Clearing your mind is one of the hardest things to do, but one of the most important things you can do for your long-term health. It’s a necessity and I’m the first to say I don’t always enjoy meditation, but this has been a game changer.  I especially loved walking into my daughter’s classroom last week and they were all lying on the floor with a Smiling Mind meditation playing! GAME CHANGER. Plus the voice of the guy who takes you through each meditation or mindfulness practice is a little bit… can I say… sexy?


I’ve long been begged to create my own cycle tracking app – but I think I’ve found one that is pretty darn close to the information I’d like in my own.  Insert m.cycles.  If anybody has a spare $30K lying about for me to create an app, please do let me know. In the mean time, check this beauty out!  I love that it lets you easily track cervical fluid patterns alongside other signs and symptoms.  So easy to use and all the information I tell my patients they need to keep their eyes on.


Coco Body Hair

I’ve shared this lover on Instagram but seriously one of the best products I’ve ever used on my hair in my life – Coco Body Hair!  It’s vegan, organic, it’s not going to mess your hormones so you grow a beard and it is like an injection of love for your hair.  I actually didn’t anticipate it to be so good.  I’m now addicted.

Sodashi Calming Concentrate

My go to skin-saving little potion in a little bottle.  Don’t underestimate its power – it might look small but it zaps inflamed, pimply, unhappy skin in a flash.  It saved my post sunburn rash (sigh… I know) and my hormonal breakouts that seem to come along with stress.  I’ve been getting a LOT more breakouts, this at least addresses it from the outside (although it’s coming from the inside!).


Fizzy water!  Did somebody say fizzy water?!  I don’t use the Sodastream for anything but water.


‘Tis the season and I darn well LOVE these babies.  They are an ancient food for fertility (I talk about this in depth in my book Well & Good) and excellent for sperm health – after all they do hang in pairs and kinda look like the relevant body part (insert the monkey emoji with the hands over the eyes!)

My phone ‘reminders’

I tend to remember things on the fly, when I’m in the shower or when I crawl into bed and then they leave my mind.  I’ve taken to using my phone to jot these things down because I’m sick of losing note pads.  And lets face it, wherever I am, my phone is!  I use the reminders to also flash up and remind me of my goals and affirmations.  I love “today I choose ease,” when the going gets tough.  Small little reminders have a profound impact on our superpower of making life happen for us (rather than it happening before our eyes).  Research tells us that when we tell ourselves something will happen, there is a far higher chance it will – this was closely observed with a group of students who told themselves they would pass a test before walking into the classroom.  The other test group did not use the affirmation and it increased pass rates by over 40%.  It’s powerful stuff!

Tidying up my handbag

When I’m feeling frazzled and fried I can bet the last matchbox car sitting in the bowels of my bag, that my handbag matches my mood.  There is nothing more cleansing and satisfying that sorting out your wallet and handbag.  Go on. Try it.  The effect is instant.


Cleanse Your Family

Not only do we have the new Cleanse Your Family now available, but we’ve got the BUNDLE deal to go with it!  Cleanse your Family is for those who want to cleanse and please the kids at the same time OR for those up for the challenge of cleansing the whole family! Either way – you’ll have everything you need from shopping lists to recipes and plans.  It’s a shame I can’t cook it for you really!!

Magnesium & Vitamin D

If I had to choose just two amazing supplements that I’m mad for right now, it’s magnesium and Vitamin D.  I recently learnt that taking Vitamin D reduces the risk of cancers like breast cancer and alike by up to 80%! What in the world?!  Magnesium is one of those fundamental elements required for over 300 enzyme reactions and is responsible for thousands biochemical reactions.  Bottom line, you and your hormones need it!  I prescribe metagenics however if you are buying over the counter look out for Bioceuticals or similar.  Keep your dose nice and high.


My Truffaux Hat

My other saviour this summer has been my Truffaux hat.  You know, I’ve had my eye on one of these gorgeous hats for a long time – they are made here in Melbourne.  But you know, in true Kringo style – I purchased mine in Hawaii last visit!  A little backwards I know, but I couldn’t help myself!  I spend a lot of time in the sun, I use natural sunscreen and my hat to make sure my face isn’t overexposed to the elements!


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  • March 22, 2016 By Dawn 11:42 am

    Hi Nat, great article! Just wondering what natural sunscreen you use? I’m looking for an organic alternative! Cheers!

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