Meet Siri and Emily from Seathru Studio

I’m a little excited to share with you today the master minds behind everything you see of mine design wise. These girls helped me create my e-book Fertilise Yourself, they help my site here look pretty, they designed our healthtalks logo, my media kits, advertising kits… the list goes on and on! Some of you have asked me who has helped me with my design and so I thought I’d share a little about the team that make me look good! At the time when Fertilise Yourself was being designed, I was fortunate to have Sarah Wilson’s amazing personal assistant work for me a couple of days a week – the lovely Jo Foster (god I miss her). Jo lead me to Sea Thru – because Sarah had done her first book with them and I love Sarah and I love her book… turns out, I automatically fell in love with Sea Thru!

For those of you interested in getting some design done around your ‘stuff’ (whatever that may be), I have found it valuable to have the support of a great design team who get ‘me’. So take a read – my 3 minutes with the girls from Sea Thru.

Sea Thru Studio is Siri Lundstrom and Emily Robson. We met when we were studying design together at the Design Centre Enmore in 2009. We really liked working together so we decided to start our own thing. Initially we did countless jobs for friends and family as you do, but after a while we decided to make it official. This is when we set up Sea Thru Studio! The journey so far has been so much fun but not so straight forward, as all journey’s are. We started, like most small businesses do, by relying on our family and friends for jobs, which was great (except when you have to so a poster for foot ulcers!), as well as holding down other jobs in the design industry. In 2011 we were fortunate enough to design Sarah Wilson’s first I Quit Sugar book and we haven’t stopped working since!

We love what we do and are definitely enjoying the ride!

As you know I absolutely love your work. What do you love most about what you do?
The freedom to be creative and getting the opportunity to shape the visual language of upcoming brands and people. We love bringing life to projects our clients care deeply about. A successful job is one that exceeds expectation and where we challenge ourself and try something new.

What is your ultimate holiday destination?
Siri: I love a bit of adventure. I recently walked the inca trail and visited Macchu Picchu which was an amazing experience. Any holiday that combines a physical challenge with relaxing and heat is a winner for me.

Emily: I’m a bit opposite to Siri, I love the cold! Mountains and snow are definitely a favourite – Europe in the winter is ideal for me! I also love exploring cities and getting lost with my camera which is why places like New York and Tokyo are high on my list.

What is your ‘go to’ meal on the run?
Siri: For a quick lunch I usually rely on salads. A favourite is beetroots, baby spinach and feta cheese. Or soybeans with mustard dressing!

Emily: You can’t really go wrong with a good salad, a favourite is rocket with pear, walnuts, parmesan and balsamic dressing. I also love to munch on some blueberries whenever I can.

Fave quote?
“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” Dr Seuss

If you could design for anybody in the world, who would that be for?
So many! If we could go back in time and work with the likes of Andy Warhol, Milton Glaser or Saul Bass would be amazing! We also really love being apart of emerging artists and businesses, it really gives us a lot of creative freedom to explore new things and really create a look that is unique to that brand.

We love music so would love to be involved with some of our favourite bands, The Jezabels and First Aid Kit are high on that list!

We also love modern art galleries and it’s a definite dream of ours to have work exhibited in the MCA here in Sydney, or the MoMA in New York.

You can find these guys at their website – or not… chances are now I’ve shared this, I might be lining up to get my design stuff done!

Thanks girls.

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