Meet My New Product! Yo’Nuts are a GO!

The day is finally here – after many months in the making, my new product Yo’Nuts have arrived!   I couldn’t be more excited.  Sometimes life throws you lemons and with those lemons, you’ve got to make lemonade!  We’ve been trying to launch Yo’Nuts for several weeks but for a variety of reasons, a force clearly bigger than me made the decision – today is the day and I’ll be shouting that from the rooftops!

A little back story on Yo’Nuts….

Yo’Nuts came to be one rainy Sunday afternoon when I posted this picture.


After several people ever so kindly commenting on my hair, asking me what my hair secrets were, it occurred to me.  NUTS!  I adore nuts, they pack a punch of nutrients AND I was constantly creating suggestions of nut and seed mixes to patients as a means to address various conditions.  Rather than sending people off with a recipe of ingredients, I wanted to have them at your ready!

Only one requirement.  They HAD to be organic (oh and Australian).

Tricky thing with nuts are, they aren’t for everybody and we get that so much so our blends vary to accommodate your needs.  Over the next four weeks, we will introduce to you a different nut mix – we’ve created four very special blends all with your health in mind.  We say, they’re nuts, you’d be nuts without!

We are excited to introduce to you first up – For The Love Of Hair!


For The Love Of Hair is available as of today.  To get the low down, what it does and why you need it in your life, you can get all the info here.  After all, you’d be nuts not to, right?

Keep your eyes peels as we reveal all of the products in the coming weeks – we’ve created a blend for your every need.  You can check out the other blends via the Yo’Nuts website too and watch out as we release each special mix, after all, happy insides are an outside job!

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