Just1Wish – what would you wish for?


Christmas 2014 was the flagship year for our Just1Wish campaign – a campaign set up to help unite women across the globe and share their ‘one wish’ – the wish they knew to tell their younger shelves.

Do you remember the challenges you faced as a young woman? Perhaps you are a young women and you’re wondering how you navigate life from here on in.  I’m in the midst of writing my next book and I’ve had the opportunity to reflect upon my teen years and some of the mistruths (and life mishaps) I faced as freckly and often pimply girl come woman.  I’ve laughed at myself and I’ve shed a few solitary tears in honour of the battles and triumphs I’ve faced to get me to where I am today.  I’m uncertain as to what specifically got me through – but possibly it was a combination of courage, a great circle of girlfriends and a family always cheering for my health and happiness.

Like all life lessons, not everything can be taught but the need to experience life is in fact the teaching.  I’m not sure I would have sat and listened to an older woman tell me about what she wished she knew, but I figure that the more we can talk and create awareness, the more we can spark curiosity and perhaps your #just1wish could change a woman’s life – no matter what age.

When we listen to others and draw strength from their own stories, we lift one another up.  I believe we all have something to learn from sharing our journey’s.

With this in mind, I’m asking you to share your one wish, to send it in to us or to share in on social media (I’ve attached the #just1wish logo if you do choose to share on your social media) and use the tag #just1wish as we prepare for this beautiful time of year.  I’m hoping to collect as many wishes as possible and turn it into something beautiful and whilst I can share my many wishes, there is nothing like power in numbers.

So give us a shout, email us, share on social media (if we aren’t yet friends, that really needs to happen be it on Instagram or Facebook) or in the comment section below your one wish.  You can request to remain anonymous (wishes will be published), but let’s rally together and make life sweeter for women at all ages ands stages.  After all – we are ALL in this together!

My #just1wish is that I knew focusing on what I loved about myself rather than what I didn’t could help me accept myself completely (lumps and all).

Please share this message as wide and far as humanly possible and unite together.  It’s all about the love!

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