I'm done! Now over to you…

Yesterday and Saturday, I packed Debunking PCOS into my trusty work bag and trekked up here to Far North Queensland. Because I’m good like that – I don’t discriminate. All women need the chance to learn about themselves!

Now, with this in mind, I’m handing it over to you today (whilst I sit in the Queensland sun and chill out for a tick). I want to know what you’ve loved about this current tour (or perhaps the Debunking PCOS ecourse equally), what you want more of or perhaps what you’d even like to see in the next tour. We’re taking a little breather before we set up for a MASSIVE second half of 2014. We’ve a book tour on the agenda, a few other surprises and a list of appearances to boot! So, if there are specific things you’d like covered, now is your big chance. I’m keen to make your life as sunny as possible – because we all would love a little more shine in our day!

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