How To Be A Smart and Healthy Traveller

Travel is seemingly my new middle name.  And if you don’t believe me, you could ask to see my flyer status – I’m not bragging, not by any means. In fact as glamorous as it once sounded to me, I’d more than often, much rather be in my own bed with my own book next to my big teddy bear (the husband) or wedged between a couple of offspring.

So I’ve clocked up some miles as of late (just shy of 50 flights in 2017), spent the middle part of the year down and out and constantly unwell as a result.  I realised that travel was making me sick and I needed to work out a few hacks because it wasn’t ending anytime soon.

But truthfully I do love to see new places and try new things and don’t get me wrong, I love a holiday!  You’ve been asking for my travel tips so I’ve wrapped it up here for you.

I’ve uncovered a few amazing fixes that can really take your health to a new peak, that don’t involve a tronic sleep pod or an unkind sleeping pill that only leaves you feeling like you’ve been through the turboprop backwards.

“Wherever you go becomes part of your somehow” UNKNOWN

Embrace the flight.  The more we complain, the more our body’s adapts to make your wishes a reality.  With so many flights under my belt, the most common sympathy I’m dished up is “you poor thing, all that flying must be really tough.”  As annoying as it could be, I’ve come to embrace being incognito.  In fact, I now love it.  My last flight just a few days ago was 15 hours of not being contactable, no emails, no phone calls, no taps on the shoulder, in fact, no questions besides “would you like the chicken or fish mam?”  My toughest choice was should I watch another episode of Royals or sleep?  Which brings me to my next hack…

Sleep.  This can be one of the trickiest, because some of us are better at it than others and if you are a nervous flyer, I’m sure it adds yet another dimension.  Sleep for me depends on if I’m flying solo or with the kids.  If we are on a long flight with kids, I will always travel at their sleep time (typically overnight).  May sound like a gamble but I’m yet to jump on a flight they haven’t slept on.

As for me and solo travel, I try and sleep no matter what for as long as I can when my body asks.  If I try and push it out too long, I may end up over tired and not sleep and if I try and force myself I only end up stressed about it.  So I leave it up to what will be.

Ear plugs and eye masks are a godsend.  The noise on a flight can be super stressful on your body and certainly make a little shut eye more difficult.  My best trick is once I land, there is no sleeping at all costs until it’s local night time – at. all. costs.

What I eat.  Usually I’m running around crazy before a flight and if I’m leaving the kids behind I can get myself pretty down and out before I say goodbye.  Truth be told, this one often gets neglected.  But if I can get a stash of healthy bars in my bag, I can generally make it work.

Depending on who you fly with, the food can vary.  I try not to stress about it and just do the best I can.  I highly recommend building up points with the one airline to advance you to a good flyer status.  The food gets better as you get higher.

Failing this, nuts, seeds, bars and bliss balls are definitely you’re best friend.  I’ve also been known to whip up a zucchini slice or frittata  – they travel super well and are totally delicious too.


Supplements.  This is where the gems lie.  I’ve finally worked out if I take the right amount of a few key supplements, my jet lag can be next to zero.

Daily I take;

Fish Oil is an all rounder.  It helps fight inflammation and packs a bunch of free radicals to address stress but also is amazing if you get sunburnt, injured or feel a little taxed from it all.

+ Magnesium is your superpower, amazing in every way and helps tackle stress, insomnia, aches, pains, anxiety and more.

+ B12 specifically helps address the stress of travel and flying

+ CoQ10 I’ve found to be wonderful for jet lag as it helps your cellular activity work optimally by making your mitochondria (the power house of your cells) function better.

+ Kyolic Garlic is a winner for gut function and immunity – nobody wants to be unwell on their time away!

Pack Less.  When I travel solo, I always aim to do with carry on only.  It means no delays at the airport, I always have everything with me, no heavy bags to lug around saving my back and neck and I can pretty much go anywhere with ease (a 12 hour stop over trying to shop up a storm is pretty impossible with a large suitcase!)

I give some thought to what I pack and make sure it can be worn multiple ways.  I have small travel sizes of all my body products, I never pack a hair dryer or any of the essentials I know my hotel will have or will be available upon request.  I’ll generally also travel with a scarf and button through shirt incase I get cold which can double as a little extra something on the plane too.


I’d love to hear your best tips on travel, what works for you and why.  I’ve been known to wedge a suitcase in-front of the kids chair to allow them to spread out more (and to prevent them falling off if they do fall to sleep), I like to avoid spending too much time at the airport and recently learnt to always shut my blind to avoid light only entering one side of the face which can also be quite draining.  All of these hacks have served me well. What’s you’re favourite travel tips or non-negotiables?


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