Two minutes with Charlotte Carr

Today’s guest is such a beautiful, connected, passionate woman. She juggles motherhood and work life and being the beautiful wife of the astronomically talented Wes Carr. She is a woman with a voice and vision!  Today we’re chatting with Charlotte Carr.  You may have seen her or heard her voice on your teev, or caught sight of some of the scrumptious and nutrient dense food she shares online.  I must pencil in a date with Char – seems we may or may not have a common interest by way of cheesy TV programs and hip hop music!

What does fertility mean to you?
Oh my goodness, now at the age of 35, heading quickly into 36 , fertility means so much. More so now than it ever has. I totally took it for granted and didn’t really respect my body’s beautiful clock. I, was never in tune with what my body was experiencing. I had no idea of ovulation nor the relationship with my bodily fluids. (Nat I adore your sticky egg white analogy and have at length shared your videos thank you) Having been so fancy free, and lived a fabulous party lifestyle, it wasn’t until I reached my “dirty 30s” I actually took stock and went “ Ok Char the clocks ticking you have to start to nurture this”

Having had a baby I honour and respect fertility so much now. Its been the most incredible gift to create another being ….a gift every woman should have access to, or at the very least, the understanding of their very individual specific fertility. To be able to create another with the one you connect most with is a joy. I understand more and more my fertility through you Nat and your Shares so thank you.  (Um SUCH a pleasure!!)

What is one ritual or practice that you do that connects you back to yourself as a woman?
Baths. I feel extremely feminine in water. I’m naked and free, breathing deeply and taking the time to stop. I add oils that compliment my mood or need, I add salts and lather myself in beautiful Vanessa Megan products, which make me feel fresh sexy and alive. I love this combo.

If you could tell your teen self 1 piece of advice about health/fertility/hormones, what would it be?
Never ever go on the pill. Listen to your body.

Would you change something you did in previous years with regard to fertility and health?  If so what might that be?
It would be the same as the last question. I would never allow the 15 year old me to be put on the pill. I would love to know then what I know now. Be kind to yourself, nurture yourself, you are extraordinary and thinking outside the square is a virtue.

What ignites you?
Creativity, love, children, cooking, connection, senses, intelligence, kindness, generosity, smiling eyes,

What’s your one essential health item?
Vanessa Megan Products.

Favourite food?
Salt and Vinegar Kale Chips.   It’s simply just Kale chips cooked with fresh cracked sea salt and a splash of Apple Cider.

Favourite movie or book?
I’m a sucker. I love “The Notebook “and “A Chorus Line” and the book that made a huge impression on me 2 years ago was ‘Dying to be me” by Anita Moorjani. I read this on my babymoon.

Cheesy addiction?
Ok I may or may not tape The Kardashians once a week. ……. And I love, love, love to dance to rnb and hip hop.  (OH Char – WE ARE SO SISTERS!)

Morning or Evening routine? Evening routine.
Between 5-7 I’m making a nutritious meal for my family. Even if I’m absolutely spent from work and I don’t really have anything planned, I’ve always got things to add to make a really healthy meal within minutes.  It doesn’t need to be fancy.

Once Willow is bathed and we have done some drawings about his day and read a story, I pop him to bed. Then its time for my partner and I to connect and wind down. After this I usually pour a bath and study. It takes me a long time to wind down at night. Baths and essential oils make it easier.

Instagram: @bubbayumyum

Charlotte is currently holding a series of workshops in Bondi, where she is making kombucha, winter broths, baby food ideas and fermented foods you can find more info on these here.

Apart from being a Mum, Charlotte is studying and working as a voice artist. (You’ll hear her voice on abc for kids and channel 11 as well as all of 2 day fm promos and many more). She is also currently concept creating Wes Carr’s next film clip and putting on her producer hat! With lots and lots going on, Charlotte says she is loving the journey and thriving.

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