Good Food Friday : Okonomiyaki

I whipped up this awesome pancake for lunch last Sunday – it took minutes to make and was lip smackingly delicious. If your not familiar with Okonomiyaki – it’s japanese pancake and can virtually be made with anything you have in your fridge. You can substitute suitable vegetables, making it really easy to quickly make up for a lunch when unexpected guests drop over or like me, when the craving hits!


4 eggs
3/4 cup flour
1/2 cup water
1 potato, grated.
1 carrot, grated
1 leek, chopped
Oil to fry pancakes

Okonomiyaki sauce (you can find this at the japanese grocers or use kekap manis available at the supermarket)
Japanese mayonnaise (I like the kewpie brand – also available at the supermarket)

Beat eggs in a large bowl. Once mixed well, combine all other ingredients. You may add more water if necessary.
Heat oil in a frypan over a medium heat. Using a ladle, spoon in one full ladle to pan and allow mixture to spread out evenly – sometimes using the base of the ladle to flatten out.
Cook both sides until golden brown.

Serve with sauces.


  • June 24, 2011 By Belinda 11:53 am

    You’re no Donna Hay! (giggle giggle)

    • June 24, 2011 By NatKringoudis 12:09 pm

      No no… no Donna… I’m Natalie!

      • June 24, 2011 By Belinda 7:13 pm

        Yes you are my lovely, thank goodness. xx

  • July 28, 2011 By Louise (Table Tonic) 9:40 pm

    Ohhhhh I could talk for a VERY long time about the merits of combining Japanese mayo and Kecap Manis. I put them both in rice paper rolls – they literally jazz up ANYTHING!

    Loving your blog Nat (but hating all the jumps – I’m clicking on EVERYTHING!!!).


    • July 28, 2011 By NatKringoudis 9:51 pm

      Thanks Lou! Happy clicking xx

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