Good Food Friday : Aromatic Baked Fish

I was speaking with the lovely Sam Gowing this week, who by the way will be doing some work in our clinic from time to time. Sam is a therapeutic chef, business coach and motivation speaker – all in all, one heck of a cleaver lady!

She asked me if I was vegetarian – I’m assuming she got that vibe from my Good Food Friday Treats.

Answer: for the most part, yes I am. I do eat the odd bit of meat when fed to me, but I generally don’t cook it for myself. I know my body feels better without it. Chinese Medicine understands this. Everybody is different. Some people need meat. Others don’t. People with weak spleens (digestive function) will not respond well to raw foods, just as people who are blood deficient often require meat. Food isn’t simply one size fits all. Sam and I sat and talked about this for a little while, where she shared about her new love of specific foods that she can feel are doing her body good.

What I do enjoy is fish. So I guess technically you could call me a Pesceterian. Fish is delicious, baked and grilled. It is easy to digest and gets the digestive system working. This recipe is appropriate for those who are cold or deficient – in other words it is warming and invigorating. It will also assist in getting your blood pumping!

Aromatic baked fish

whole trout (cleaned and scaled)
bay leaves
sea salt
chopped tarragon
lemon slices (cut thinly)
bunch chinese greens

Place fish in pyrex dish and add remaining ingredients. Bake in a warm over (150 degrees) until fish is tender. Enjoy with rice and a side-dish of steamed greens.

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