Good Food Friday : Sardine Cups

On Wednesday, I was lucky enough to be in Sydney for a few instore book signings at Lululemon. What a hoot that was! I love Sydney. A lot. During the event, I made this recipe from my newest book (co-authored with Andi) Eat Fat, Be Lean and had the masses licking their lips! So I wanted to share it today.

above (R to L) Andi my co-author and Kate from Lululemon

Eat Fat, Be Lean (RRP $27.95) is full of savoury, Paleo inspired recipes (different to it’s sister, Eat Fat, Be Thin $24.95, which is full of sweet options). It’s available in all good book stores, from my clinic and online using the links above.

And it goes without seeing – this is super fertile food!




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