Good Food Friday : Getting my brownie on

Good Food Friday has been interesting of late – mostly because this baby only wants toast. But it seems I’ve got my groove back and now, armed with a new wizz bang camera, Good Food Friday Treats are back – back with a bang!

I came across this raw brownie recipe featured on ‘my new roots‘ – a ripper of a blog I encourage you to take a look at. Sarah Britton is a wholistic nutritionist and vegetarian chef and I just love her! She’s all over good food, health and optimal nutrition – which obviously pushes all my buttons. Best of all, this recipe is gluten free, vegan and so treaty-licious you will be left wondering where it has been all of your life. Topping all that – it’s super easy! My best tip is buy the best quality ingredients you can afford for maximum deliciousness.

From time to time my wonderful mother in law (and yes I am serious – she is ace) lobs me over a large bag of walnuts – which is always so welcome, until such a time when I decide I need to crack them all open in order to use them. I loathe cracking nuts, equal to finding walnut shells in places they shouldn’t be. I’ve talked about the awesomeness of walnuts before. They are literally brain food, they are great for your skin and backed with essential nutrients to make you really smart.


Add to the goodness of walnuts, cacao. Cacao is (in raw form) a superfood – high in many mineral and and vitamins. It doesn’t end there – Cacao is like an atomic bomb of feel good chemicals ready to explode on impact. No wonder you feel so good after eating one of these brownies!

So, there you have it – it’s a total win win recipe, packed of everything you need and nothing you don’t. I love that you get these recipes on a friday just in time for you to give it a go over the weekend.

I’ve revised the recipe slightly – and after thinking about it, you could add so many ingredients to personalise these – I’m thinking of trying a batch with freeze dried strawberries or blueberries – I ‘ll let you know how that goes!

Raw Brownies my way

3 cups of walnuts
1 cup of raw cacao
2 cups of medjool dates, pips taken out
1/4 tsp salt

In a food processor, pulse walnuts until chopped roughly. Add the cacao and salt and pulse several times to combine.
Add the dates, one at a time until the mixture resembles bread crumbs.
Line a tray with baking paper in a slice tin and pack mixture firmly inside, pressing down until it resembles a slice.
Set in fridge for 20 minutes.
Cut into small squares and sprinkle with cocao to serve.



  • July 30, 2011 By Lauren 4:27 pm

    Where can I buy the raw cacao?

  • September 26, 2011 By Nyomi 10:02 am

    Hi Nat, whipped a batch of these babies up over the weekend, OMG!! they are lip-smackingly delicious, I will never eat another cooked brownie again!!

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