Good Food Friday : fertilise your snacks!

My new e-book ‘fertilise yourself,’ is almost here and I’m busting to share. Want to know more? Find all the info here. Launch date is just days away. You’ve heard me bang on about pumping up the protein to gear toward a more fertile you – and snacks are no exception! It’s really important your snacks are protein packed, keeping your sugar levels steady and your body delivering the right nutrients where it is needed. Here are my best 4 for you. Happy Friday!

Add nuts to any snack time to get the power of protein in!


Peanut butter dip! With Carrots and Apple.

Add cheese to salads for an extra protein punch


Fried Zucchini and Eggplant (in coconut oil) with red onion, mint and fetta.

and… you can’t ever go past an Avocado or a Boiled Egg as a snack on the run!


and finally… yoghurt is my go to when all else fails.

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