Good Food Friday : Sexy Slaw

I’ve been on a Salad rampage the past few weeks – scurrying like a squirrel before winter sets in to get in as much ‘cold’ food as I can before my body starts to shut shop on the raw front. You see, Chinese Medicine recgonises that cold food in cold weather doesn’t necessarily do your body any favours. It impairs gut function (since digestion occurs at 37 degrees) and triggers off all kinds of troubles ranging from irritable bowel symptoms right through to period pain and low immunity.

Be mindful and allow your body to slip through the seasons with ease. Sit down to warmer foods as the nights get cooler and winter begins to reveal itself. It’s the little simple things that make the biggest difference.

The balance of protein and quality fats in this salad makes it the perfect fertile salad!

Sexy Slaw

2 hard boiled eggs (cooked to your liking)
1 peach
1/2 an avocado chopped
Small handful of snow pea sprouts
1/4 red or green cabbage

1/4 cup kewpie mayo (available in the asian section of the supermarket)
2 tbs sesame oil
dash of mirin*
dash of fish sauce*
3 tbs rice wine vinegar
2 tsp sesame seeds
2 tsp chia seeds
1 tsp quality peanut butter

Cook eggs and set aside
Finely chop cabbage, avocado and peach and peel and cut eggs into segments
Combine all ingredients and top with sprouts
Combine all dressing ingredients and shake well
Pour over salad and toss through

You can vary the ingredients in this to whatever your heart so desires. Think figs (in season and fabulous for fertility – see here) grated carrot, baby spinach leaves etc. The sky is the limit!

*mirin and fish sauce both contain sugar – if you’re cut sugar from your diet you can simply leave out & add more peanut butter

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