Good Food Friday : Activate your nuts


Activated nuts seem to be everywhere all of a sudden, possibly because we’ve been quick to learn the health benefits they offer! They do amazing things for your insides and are super easy to make yourself (not to mention much more cost effective). This is a recipe from my upcoming e-book. I’ve pinched it to share with you because it’s too good to keep under wraps.

Why ‘active’ them? Sounds like something cartoon characters do before they are about to jump off the roof of a burning building – “activate systems go!” Well, it’s kind of like that – when you soak nuts, they sprout – activating all the goodness. By eating these as a snack, you’re doing your digestion a big favour, promoting better absorption, increasing health. And remember, your gut is the pivot of your health and fertility. When it has everything it needs to fuel your body – it all just works. These need to make their way into your pantry.

Activated Almonds

Soak a pack of raw almonds overnight to ‘activate’ and commence the sprouting process.
Drain and place on a oven tray ready to bake.
Place in an oven on the lowest heat – around 60 degrees and cook for at least 12 hours (yes, you heard me, 12 hours)
Enjoy as a snack whenever, add to salads, muffins – any way you can get them in. Even munch on these for a 4pm pick me up. Store in a glass jar.

Always, always soak your nuts and rice overnight. It makes them easily digested not to mention rids of toxic phytic acid, which can be found in the skin of the nut/rice and is bad news for your body.


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