Your time is NOW and my very special event

My Exclusive Event – N.O.W (No Opportunity Wasted)

with Nat Kringoudis

Are you sitting down?  I am, to say the least a little excited to share this with you today.  So much so it’s blown the wind right up my little ol’ sails and fair to think it may do the same over there on your side of the screen.

You’re no doubt by now all clued up to the fact that Christmas and the New Year are fast approaching (um where did that year go?).  Actually it’s not like it’s avoidable, since I’ve seen Christmas deco’s up since late August and christmas carols have been on repeat in the supermarket for weeks.  I’ve spent much of the year out of my clinic writing books, touring the country and sharing my message. The size of my past events has allowed me to reach and educate such a wide audience and it’s been amazing. NOW you are telling me you want a little more.  The feed back you’ve sent across indicates you want to pick my brains (inside-out it seems!) and ask me questions that are specific to your needs and unique situation.  Not only do I love that – I hear you!

With ALL this in mind, myself and my wonderful team have thought long and hard as to how we could facilitate your requests, in the best possible (and most intimate) way. Allowing you to get answers to YOUR questions.

GET READY – here comes the good stuff!

Exclusive N.O.W (No Opportunity Wasted)  – the ultimate dinner event. 6.00pm, Tuesday the 16th December at The Deck in Brighton.

What’s included;

  • Intimate dinner (with me)
  • 3 course dinner (plus some yummy surprises)
  • 1 glass of sparkling on arrival
  • 1 signed copy of Well & Good
  • Debunking e-course of your choice
  • $50 voucher at my clinic The Pagoda Tree
  • A special Christmas gift from me
  • AND access to my (date to be advised) exclusive February webinar


BUT WAIT… There’s more (haha!!)


This is a one-off, intimate (and ultimate) event with yours truly, to hear me speak about my favourite womanly topics, giving you the chance to sit and ask me your questions.  The event will run in such a way that we can interact and chat about your own health issues as well as discuss this together as women.  BUT I don’t want it to stop there, we will catch up again in February for a real-time, online webinar – all included as part of your ticket.

Tickets are on sale here.  Be advised, there are only 35 released. So gather your BFF’s, your sisters, your mother and loved ones all together for a night full of life changing information, beautiful food and lots of fun, as I just don’t roll any other way!  THE best Christmas gift to yourself.  There isn’t a need to wait until the New Year to make the changes that will influence the rest of your life.

Your time starts NOW.


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