The EPIC weekend of Problogger & The Wellness Summit

What a ride!  I’m back from an epic weekend spent at both Problogger on the gorgeous Gold Coast and the Wellness Summit back home in Melbourne. Whilst these two may seem worlds apart, I was so beautifully surprised to find a common thread.  It’s my first year speaking at both, so my expectations were somewhat stereotypical.  To the left of the weekend (aka Problogger) I assumed I’d be bunkered down in a room with a lot of technical people.  And then to the right (The Wellness Summit), a space dedicated to die hard wellness groupies.  How wrong I was.  It was all this and so very much more.  Each space had the most amazing common theme – to live in your truth, know your why and come back to your purpose.  I can’t tell you enough, how much love I felt over the course of the weekend. Since I’m spent, my brain is tired and I really am ready to sleep for a week, I want to SHOW you just how much fun I had.

Thanks to everybody who came up and said hi, for the gorgeous feedback I received AND of course for ALL of the information I learn’t over the weekend.  It really will go down as a memorable weekend to set up new goals and continue to fuel my passion.  Special shout out to my family – my husband truly is one incredible man.  I was asked many times on the weekend, “how do I do it all?” Truth is I don’t, I have a wonderful team of people that support me so much behind the scenes (both at home and in my clinic).  I am one very lucky girl indeed! Image-1 2

I got to hang out with some pretty cool people!  Top LHS and clockwise;

At the Problogger wall, on stage, with Heather from Dooce and with one of the lovely attendees before heading on stage.

  Image-1 3  Image-1

Left 4 Images, LHS clockwise; Listening to the talented director of proglogger Darren Rowse, my lift selfie before heading on stage, another life selfie before the ‘shimmer’ poolside party and with Kayte (aka Woogsworld). AND at The Wellness Summit (Right Images) – Top LHS and clockwise; Hanging out with the amazing Wellness Summit helpers, the entire crew, on stage and with some of the lovely attendees.

Epic weekend – I’m now taking it slow for a few days to rest and re-coup!

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