Ep 30 TWC – Slowing Down To Speed Up with Alita Harvey Rodriguez

This podcast is the most listen podcast this season… ALREADY!

So here’s a question.  When is the last time you did nothing? We talk with tech expert Alita Harvey-Rodriguez from Milk It Academy about the impact technology is having on our health and the concept she’s created in ‘slowing down to speed up’. Alita has ideas on how to be more efficient and has some simple techniques to pull ourselves out of the swirl of phones, devices and technology. This is an episode for everybody to sit down and enjoy.

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In this episode you will learn;

2:15 Meet Alita.  She has a passion of how to take us out of the daily grind and look at things holistically to build amazing foundations and how we can get creative in our workspace to solve business problems.  We love her!

4:05 How we have to come back to use human beings and people to really help us to stabilise life rather than simply relying on technology to do jobs for us.

4:54 Meet the concept of slowing down to speeding up.  How can we go into solution mode – rather than always fixing things, we need to validate things first rather than jumping into fix as a knee jerk reaction.

6:15 How apps are the ‘solution’ if one isn’t working, find another app.. we call it app fever.

7:26 Kids mirror us with how they use their own devices.  Being conscious around this is important and difficult especially when work revolves around our device.

11:40 What exactly is slowing down to speed up… Alita shares the 3 step process  that we can all apply

13:48 I find it hard to not do something. I have to get conscious if I need to relax.

14:15 Why are we always thinking we’re never doing enough?

15:30 How creativity is the missing ingredient for so many people.

18:38 – A Swedish study had people in log cabins without devices for 72 hours – the results were incredible.

21:35 How it seems we need to almost be forced into situations to make us disconnect.

23:23 By being in the moment we can get so much more out of life.

24:48 Using technology to our advantage or is it all bad news?

25:30 Alita’s hack of not recharging her phone once the battery goes flat on a Friday to give her space on the weekend is a fabulous exercise.

28:00 Perception is different for everybody especially on social media.

29 We’re more connected than we’ve ever but somehow life has morphed for most into human interaction divided by a screen.

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