EEK! Houston we have a problem.


They say to never work with kids and animals.  Well this has nothing to do with either… but the unpredictable sometimes happens.  I’m piping in today to say EEK we have a problem!  We are working away in the back end because it seems something is broken – did you race in to join and crash our site!?  I kinda hope so because it is SO GOOD.  Our membership, set to launch today seems to have chucked a wobbly.  That means, we’re going to have to keep you waiting a little longer.  We are SORRY!

Just to make sure you’re still loving life, I thought now was a good time to share some of the amazing GIVEAWAYS in our 30 days of GIVEAWAYS which will kick off with the reveal of the membership.

Here’s what we got;

+ GRAND PRIZE – a weekend at Gwinganna health retreat (OH MY!)

+ Electrolux Blender

+  Lorna Jane Vouchers

+ Ananda Soul Collection Jewels

+ Consultation Vouchers for my clinic, The Pagoda Tree

+ Fresskko goodies

+ Beauty Vouchers

+ Special packages from our friends Nicole Jardim & Melissa Ambrosini

+ Project Ten bags

+ Extra goodies from ‘yours truly’

Keep your eyes peeled as SOON as we’ve fixed our technical issues, we will be launching.  Until then, start dreaming of that getaway that could soon be yours!




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