Announcing… Debunking Stress – the one off event!

We’ve been a little busy behind the scenes as of late, but we’re pulling up our leg warmers to bring you this once off*, pop up style event in just over 4 weeks!

We’ve had our ear to the ground and have known for a while now just how much the subject of stress and stress management needs attention. We’ve sat with it and feel it’s time – not so much for us with a book tour knocking on our door! – but collectively we are so desperate for this information, so without fanfare or fuss, we’re launching Debunking Stress. We need to save ourselves, now or never!

Debunking Stress will uncover specifically;

  • what the stress epidemic is all about
  • why we aren’t coping
  • what it is doing to our bodies
  • in depth, mind blowing discussion with some outstanding people who have shared their struggles publicly (in the media) and the techniques they applied that changed their lives
  • techniques, tools and specific ’take home’ treatments that allow us to manage stress

This one off lifestyle event will be held on Saturday 23rd August at Melbourne Museum, Museum Theatre, 11 Nicholson Street Carlton 3053, starting at 10am.

Early bird tickets go on sale TODAY – get your hands on them here!

Please be sure to spread the friendly word. These early bird tickets are at a special price for a limited time only.

* This event will be a filmed event to further add to our library of e-courses.

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