My 5 Fave Valentines Day Treats

I must admit, I’m never one to really get in to Valentines day, but I do love the sentiment. The romantic gestures the day encourages in one another and love being at the core of all that I do, I just can’t help but love a day that celebrates LOVE!

I think there is nothing sweeter than making something from the heart for your loved one.


These are 5 of my faves!


From Alice Nicholls over at The Whole Daily

Valentines Black Forrest Cake



From Sarah Wilson over at I Quit Sugar

Espresso Truffles

This recipe is originally from I Quit Sugar’s The Chocolate Cookbook Vol. II, available for purchase at for $19.00.



My Chocolate Mousse Tart

Choc mousse tart


Alison Morgan from The Relauncher

Best Valentines Day Raw Dessert

Alison Morgan



Adele McConnell From Vegie Head

Strawberry Love Stacks with Raspberry Creme




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