4 online resources you need right now

Doing lockdown the right way means keeping your mind active, using the time wisely and allowing yourself to continue to grow as a human.  Lockdown doesn’t mean shut down.  I feel now more than ever is the perfect time to grow, learn, expand, work on you, your health, your business and consciously choose to up-level.  I’ve gone and found for you 4 online resources you need right now that will assist you to get through isolation, without feeling isolated and take you towards your best self.

The Anxiety Relief Project is here for you

The Anxiety Relief Project.

Who’s it for:  Everybody.

How long does it take: 14 day program

There’s no doubting it – we’re all feeling the overwhelm.  But if you are ready to feel safe and calm, Dr Miranda Myles has just released this perfect short program to help you ease the anxiety, feel safe and clam.  This is for EVERYBODY who is a human right now.  But heck, your cat will probably love to watch on too.  We could all do with some calmness and community right now.  Learn more here.


Your Ivf and fertility support VIP group

Two Lines Fertility VIP (TLF VIP)

Who’s it for: Those trying for a baby but are currently worried, those who have had cancelled IVF cycles, those who aren’t sure what to do next with their fertility.

How long does it take: It’s VIP membership with ongoing information and support released weekly.

Former embryologist, Lucy Lines has created an online support group where you can tap into her knowledge and research, hear from specialist guests (I’m there!), and improve your chances of a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.  Just another online resource you may need right now.  Find out more here.


Learn hormones the right way

Hormone Mastery Course for Practitioners

Who’s if for: The title says it all but it is for coaches and practitioners (there are two seperate courses)

How long does it take:  You get access to Dr Shawn and his knowledge for an entire year but you can move through the modules as you wish.

Dr Shawn Tassone, America’s Wholistic Gynaecologist created this specialised mastery course to help practitioners and health care providers understand hormones the right way.  He became fed up with watching by, as providers were desperately seeking out information from unqualified experts (just ask Cindy on some random FB group…), he has created this online program to not only help you understand hormones properly for your patients but have his ongoing support over 12 months – to bounce those tricky questions off him and have his help to you, ongoing.  Learn more about that here.


Having the right mentor is a game changer

Well Practiced LITE

Who’s it for: The business woman/entrepreneur

How long does it take: 4 weeks intensive

Just this week we have launched Well Practiced LITE, my exclusive 4 week mentoring program designed to not only get you through lockdown but finally have that support, advice and kick up the butt you need to create or launch that program or raise your profile, create that podcast, make more sales… basically if I have done something you want to do, I am keen to mentor you and show you how!  Learn more about that here.


Here’s to more online learning, online socialising and online support in these hard times!  I’d love to hear of any other online resources, programs or services you are finding useful.  Whilst it most certainly is a time of uncertainty it also creates a unique opportunity for a time of growth.  Let me know in the comments what you are loving right now.

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