Why you can never give up on wellness.

I’m a good driver.  Always have been, aside from the time I was on my learners and steered Mum and myself under the butt of a freaking big 4WD.  Some $12K later, the car was fixed and it was happy days (aside the fact Dad still reminds me to this day I pranged his precious white Honda civic).  Oh and then there was the time that I took my car straight over a road island and unfortunately scraped the bottom of the car along the remnants of a jagged sign pole that was sticking out just enough to do some serious damage.  That wasn’t a personal best either but nobody got hurt.  I’m a good driver.  There was also the time I was sitting in the passenger seat of one of my besties car, driving out of the panel beaters onto some hefty traffic.  I told her the coast was clear on my side and to ‘go’ not seeing the oncoming car rapidly approaching from her side at top suburban speed.  Fair to say the car was wheeled straight back into the panel beaters.  But I’m a good driver!

But seriously for the most part, I’m a confident driver.  I know Melbourne roads well, I can navigate my way around most corners of this beautiful city and I take safety pretty seriously.  Where am I heading with this you might ask?  You know, your wellness really takes the same serious seatbelt.  For the most part, you’re a good person.  You are growing your knowledge of what works for you and why, you may be beginning to really understand your body hormonally (hopefully) and you can navigate your way around the supermarket shelves.  And then every now and again, we have a bingle.  We crash.  It’s what we do with the crash that makes all the difference.

So many women I am blessed to cross paths with tell me that for the most part, they’ve got it all going on.  But we all as women collectively do share something – that is the ebbs and flows of life.  And collectively – women are often left scratching our heads at how we landed ‘here’ in this heap on the bathroom floor as though we’ve failed, yet again.  Sometimes more obvious than others.  Sometimes in a big fat mess.  What I think we fail to realise is that there are so many influences upon us that contribute to the ebbs and flows and these very ebbs and flows are in fact a very important and vital part of wellness.  We are cyclic beings.  First and foremost, we have the influence of our menstrual cycles (or lack of) that contribute to our feelings and moods.  Your menstrual cycle alone is one of the most influential events within your precious self.  When’s the last time you took a day off on the first day of your period just to ‘be.’  Because that’s what our bodies are asking for.  Some down time, to cleanse, to rid of the old and make way for the new.  But we’ve gone so far beyond listening to our bodies requests – we’re crashing, sometimes month after month.  Of course after the menstrual phase of the cycle, we gear up to ovulate.  We want to meet the world!  We look good, feel great and may have it all going on.  It’s a good groove!  And then, on the down side to the cycle, we prepare once again to menstruate.  And so the story goes.  Nurture it girlfriend!  Be aware of where you are within the cycles of the planet and your own body cycles.

But perhaps you don’t have a cycle?  Perhaps you’re on the pill or things have gone missing right back when you dropped that last 5kg or you stopped eating meat.  Your body still has ebs and flows.  They may be more chaotic or even perhaps less obvious.  It doesn’t mean they aren’t there.  Because we are all women.  We are all human.  We all have heartbeats.

So perhaps every now and again you fall ‘off’ the wagon.  Perhaps every now and again you’re left scratching your head wondering why you’re ‘here’ again in that hormonal pit.  I want you to know today it is very normal, and if you have so much trouble pulling yourself up again, it’s time to shake things up a little, to reevaluate and change the tune to create what you want.  It’s not so much that we fall, but it is what we do to reinvent ourselves that matters.  Sure the fall hurts, but getting back up can be pretty super with the right headspace.

So here’s the plan.  Right here and now, what are you wanting to create?  You know, the bigger picture, the ultimate package.  What is your ultimate?  Perhaps your ideal is consistent moods or pain free periods or just being comfortable in your own skin.  Work it out.  Write it down in the front page of your diary or save it in a memo in your smart phone.  Make it exactly what it is you are creating – say “I’m continually creating happy, healthy hormones” OR “I am continually creating my perfect.”  And then, next time you crash, look at your reminder of what you are creating and say it to yourself on repeat.  Changing the tune can be THIS simple.  Taking charge of your hormones as you are learning right here is a journey but it’s totally worth it and the ride is half the reward!


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  • May 12, 2014 By Sarah 5:23 pm

    Hi Nat!

    Love this post! I’ve been following you for the last 12 months trying to achieve wellness holistically with the help of my naturopath on the Gold Coast and trying to conceive. My GP and fertility doctor are adamant I should take Thyroxine to balance my hormones so that I fall pregnant (I went from 7mg to 2.8mg in 5 weeks naturally with supplements and changing my diet). What’s your take on Thyroxine? Particularly when trying to conceive? Thanks Sarah

  • May 12, 2014 By Sarah 10:34 pm

    Love this post! I just finished the gentle body cleanse and had a major crash on the weekend at a friend’s wedding. I’ve been feeling guilty (and unwell) all day. Thank you!

  • May 14, 2014 By Nicole 7:05 am

    This was just lovely! Exactly what I needed to hear today. Falling back into bad habits is a constant cyclical conundrum in my life. This seems like a great solution to help motivate me during those times of negativity. Thanks, Nat!

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