Why it's time to tune right in – the hormone hell epidemic is REAL.

I’m so freaking tired.  And here’s the truth – I don’t do tired.  I’m one of those beings who has the stamina of an energiser bunny.  Truly.  Well, ordinarily anyway. But on the back of a big Australian tour (with Cairns AND TOWNSVILLE just announced to tick off the list and then a holiday – har-aaah!), and submission of my new book plus the release of the latest Debunking PCOS e-course, it’s to be expected I guess.  As a mum and a business owner I’ve got too good at pushing through.  Too good a burning the candle from both ends (and in the middle if it was physically possible) – in fact there’s been times over the past month that I’ve tried to create ‘busy’ because I’m so ridiculously used to it.  It’s a bad habit.  Typically, I can push on and get through most situations and eventually my energy levels catch back up to speed soon after.  We get back on track, somehow.  In the past, this is what I’ve done – almost what I’ve had to do. This time is no different, other than it’s time to actually stop and listen.  This body of mine – I have just one shot at getting this right, so why muck around anymore?

Many times I’ve chatted about exactly what stress hormones are doing to our wellness.  I know as well as the next educator how important it is to actually understand why things happen physiologically.  Without knowledge, we can’t fully appreciate what’s really going on and so we either fear it or dismiss it like it’s better not to give it any attention.  But me, being of the educator variety means it’s my job (or so I reckon) to spread this important message.  I was born to do this.  So with that in mind I want to bring your attention to your adrenals. Those little glands that sit on the top of your kidneys are responsible for releasing adrenaline and cortisol in the instance of stress (aka fight or flight).  This is a normal body response to stress (you know, the “I’m about to be whacked out by a grizzly bear, run for you life” kinda stress).  The issue arises because we sit day in day out with this continual stream of cortisol (because we are living at a time of constant stress) meaning that it pushes our hormones way out of kilter because cortisol and progesterone (the hormone required to ovulate) compete for the same receptor sites in your body and cortisol will always win meaning progesterone doesn’t get to kick fully into gear and cause ovulation. Cortisol is a damn bossy hormone.  But what’s more, this is the new way the body has developed to cope with stress and one of the most common reasons women find themselves with too much oestrogen in the body, but what’s more, without a menstrual cycle as such.

The hormone hell epidemic is real.  And if we don’t change the way we do things, we’re heading for one big collective tumble.

Perhaps you can relate what I’m speaking about today.  Perhaps you’re good at pushing through.  Perhaps you ignore your own body’s signs and symptoms that are its ONLY way of communicating with you what’s going on.  For the first time in my life, I’m actually practicing listening – and lady, it’s refreshing!  I know I talk about this a lot but being the highly energetic, highly motivated, slightly hyperactive type, it’s never felt more right for me to listen than now – and what previously served me is absolutely changing.  My old ways and habits are no longer serving me and tired just isn’t working.

So I’m choosing rest.  


As hard as it may be to surrender, it’s so beautiful to actually listen to the little calls my body is putting out there.  To spend more time with loved ones, to lie on the couch and chill out, to hang out longer with friends or get into work a little later (I know we don’t all have that luxury but loving what you do is a very imperative part of happiness and hormone balance too).

Rather than this post today be about a ‘you need to switch it up lady and chill the hell out’ I just want to remind you that only you can know how you feel.  Only you can know how tired or hormonal or upset or whatever it may be.  Stop, listen and respond accordingly.  Too many lives are being taken because stress has overtaken us.

And finally – RIP beautiful Polly Noble.  It’s people like you who have sprinkled your shimmer through lives for the better.  It’s a timely reminder for me to stop and smell the roses (or shut my eyes for 30 minutes!).

Nat x


Photo thanks to Aerial Amy

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  • June 12, 2014 By Krissy 4:56 pm

    Nat, I just love this and I completely agree with every single thing you are saying, I just wish more people knew the affects of stress.
    Love the your blogs and the new site

    Thank you

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