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The Period Party update

Every week, I sit down and chat periods, fertility and women’s health with the two of my fertility sisters and women’s health beauties, Nicole Jardim & Elle Griffin.

You know you can access ALL the podcasts we’ve ever done right here.  It’s been a little while since I’ve done an update.  We’ve switched over to blog talk radio to now create a better radio show.  In the near future we’re looking into becoming more interactive and allowing listeners to join in and ask questions live on the air.  Cool huh?

We’ve got ourselves quite the library!  In this current series our topics have covered;

Let’s talk birth control

Post pill amenorrhea – an epidemic!

Transition off the pill seamlessly

Revive your sex drive

Sexy birth control for life

Boost your fertility

Subscribe to the period party and never miss an episode again.  You can listen in live or listen to the podcast (sometimes we do record in the wee morning hours – the downside to international specialists!!  Small price in the big scheme of things).

You can go back and listen to the previous podcasts if you haven’t already and learn everything from how to get things happening again post period or alternatives to the pill.  There’s something here for everybody!

And before I go – last day tomorrow to register for my Gentle Body Cleanse.  The feedback from the previous cleanse has been fantastic. Don’t miss out this time if you previously lucked out – there’s more tickets available this time and still some left at this stage.  One cleanser told me she lost 7kg!

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2 Responses to “The Period Party update”

  1. Tereza

    It would be great if you could talk more about adrenal fatigue in future episodes : )

  2. Emma

    Hi Nat, I’d love you to write a blog about the fem cap, it sounds like a great alternative. 🙂