The Period Party – Episode #79. Taming perimenopausal PMS with Dana LaVoie

I absolutely LOVED chatting with Dana LaVoie, an acupuncturist, herbalist and founder of Menopause Basics.  Dana is passionate about teaching other women how to find natural relief from seemingly uncontrollable weight gain, boiling hot flashes, soaking night sweats, mood swings and signs of ageing – something I know many of my peeps will want to dive into – because we’re all headed that way, even if 20 years from now, it’s important we understand how to make each hormone transition easier.

This episode is titled; Taming perimenopausal PMS: How Chinese Medicine and diet can help you manage your cycle and prepare you for an easier menopause.  It’s a good-en and I’m excited to share it with you because I know it’s one you’re absolutely going to want to pass on to others in your life being affected by the hormonal changes we all face as we grow that little bit older.

In this episode we uncover;

  • How and why your cycle changes during peri-menopause 
  • Why it’s harder in modern times to transition into menopause
  • The 3 key things we can do to adjust to help your body really manage the challenging hormonal changes smoothly.  
  • How Adaptogenic herbs might be your new best friend 



You can listen now on iTunes or on demand via The Period Party.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this – if you’re feeling you body change, if you’re shocked to learn peri-menopause begins mid 30’s or how you’ve had to deal with loved ones transitioning through menopause, I want to hear.  Healthy discussion is the best!!

Aaaaaand before I go, Dana has a special PDF called 4 Steps To Hormonal Balance that’s not available on her website but she wants to share.  Click here to get your copy! 


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