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5 Important Things To Do If You Want To Get Pregnant (and have been trying for ages)

When I first started treating women’s health, specifically fertility, it was literally like tip-toeing through a jacked up minefield.  Nobody really knew where the issues were coming from or what would rear it’s head next, they were often hidden or we had yet to understand the body in the way we do today.  I saw women at their absolute whits end, hating on their bodies, taking their body’s through gruelling regimes and at times, losing hope.  To this day, not much has changed aside from the fact that we know a little more than we did back then. The fact remains, there is still so much to learn and as women we can so often hate our body’s because they seem to have a mind of their own.

Whilst my love for treating fertility and conception has never died, my passion to reach out to younger women and to ‘fix it before it’s broken,’ continued to grow and here I am today, lucky enough to be able to help women through all walks of their hormonal challenges and even though I want to talk a little more about pregnancy and fertility today, I want my readers to know now more than ever, that this info isn’t limited to conception alone but really something we can apply to that big ol’ thing called life,

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Yes, You Can Get Pregnant. Here’s Help!

Did you see it?  My LIVE webinar with Aimee Raupp today?  

I had a blast sharing how you can supercharge your health and overcome fertility challenges on The Fertility Solution webinar with my friend and fellow fertility expert (and TCM Dr), Aimee Raupp. Missed it? Watch the replay right here and learn how you can take back the power over your health & fertility!

I’ve got something incredible to share today – for all those ready to be mama’s!

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A lovely chat with the beautiful Sarah Britton

This is beyond exciting. Today you’ll see me chat with the beautiful (and glowing at 7 months pregnant) Sarah Britton from my new roots. We talk about her journey to becoming a mother, how to make super brainy babies, what the most lovely part of being pregnant is, the worst bits as well as what is in store for this beauty in the near future.

Click play and join us for a chat!


Recurrent Miscarriage – what does that even mean and where can I even start to fix it?

I had somebody write in a little while back and ask if I could share a little about recurrent miscarriage. Tricky part is, from a Chinese Medicine (TCM) perspective there may be a swag full of reasons why this happens outside of known causes (ie genetic defects or structural irregularities). TCM views people according to their constitution, including their signs and symptoms. It doesn’t put you into the box of ‘recurrent miscarriage’ so it makes sense that we need to look for clues as to what individual cases are presenting, to go on and create a successful treatment plan. If we look at this from a western perspective, it may be from hormone insufficiency, hormone imbalance or excess hormones, a thin uterine lining, cysts, fibroids… it goes on. But most specifically for me, looking at gut function is also key since the gut is the pivot of our health – if the gut isn’t adequately assimilating food and drawing nutrients from our food, there is just no way our bodies can be nourished well – our hormones are affected (see Fertilise Yourself). That fertility switch once again get’s the flick.


Why IVF is failing so many couples – the TRUTH to making awesome babies.

Today I’m asking for your help. I need people to hear this message. I need people to know the truth. My heart longs for people to make educated decisions and not be bullied or tricked into avenues that may not suit them. I ask you today, to share this post and from the bottom of my heart I thank you. You’re going to change somebodies life by doing so – you are living by the affirmation – ‘be the change.’ Go be it.