Season 2 – Episode 58: Is anti-ageing actually possible? With Dr Abbie

Anti ageing is something on many people’s minds. Is it even possible? Dr Abbie is the guru of aesthetic acupuncture and Chinese medicine and in this episode she shares her wisdom and secrets on how to have more radiant and healthy skin.

Abbie is here to help everyone glow from the inside out, support the ageing process and help you feel good in your skin no matter what your age or gender.

In this episode, Dr Abbie;


+ Shares the secrets of facial reading and what your face reveals about you

+ Answers the question “can you really age backwards?”

+ Discusses body dysmorphia

+ Explains how she didn’t have to sacrifice vanity for health

+ Speaks about how every person can feel comfortable in their own skin

+ Shares secrets and techniques on how to have glowing, radiant and healthy skin


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