Season 2 – Episode 47: Top Travel Hacks with Nat Kringoudis

Moving through busy airports, saving your back and body from lugging around a heavy suitcase, minimising jet lag and unlocking your travel superpowers starts with this episode where I share my travel tips and tricks from several years of very frequent travel.

In this episode you’ll learn;

+ How to fly happily & healthily with less stress and more ease (which goes a long way for anxiety levels)

+ How to travel with minimal baggage aka carry on only – it is possible!

+ What to wear and why (FYI it needs pockets)

+ How to make the most of the down time and encourage maximum sleep

+ Why being a curious traveller is key

+ What to do to hack your noise cancelling headphones for maximum efficiency

+ Travel secret to drinking enough water to help with fluid retention and dehydration

+ How to jump time zones with ease

+ Supplements to have on hand to assist

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