Season 2 – Episode 40: The 1 hormone you need to understand for PCOS and Endometriosis with Dr Carrie Jones

Hormone imbalance between various doctors in more recent times has raised great debate. Does hormone imbalance actually exist? As a result, women are left feeling extremely conflicted. Dr Carrie Jones has dedicated her life to understanding hormones. She goes by the title of the Hormone Savvy Doc, she is an ND and is here to help us understand our hormones, common imbalances and why normal isn’t normal if you don’t feel normal and why testing truly matters.

Carrie shares more about:

+ Why tests are so important but it’s always about timing

+ Why normal isn’t normal anyhow reference ranges matter

+ How test reference ranges have changed over time and who actually decides on the reference ranges

+ The most common hormone imbalances – excess oestrogen, low progesterone and low testosterone

+ Why supplementing progesterone can’t always work alone for hormone support and fertility

+ What it means to be oestrogen dominant during perimenopause

+ Simple analogies of hormone regulation and why we need to understand how to prioritise hormones

+ Why you need to understand oestrogen for PCOS, Endometriosis and Histamine Intolerances

And much more!


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