Season 2 – Episode 24: Upgrading Your Beauty with Bonnie Gillies
There’s no argument that beauty is only skin deep.  And for the Oz Beauty Expert, Bonnie Gillies, she had a literal dream; she was a makeup artist, reporting on the red carpet.  That dream led to creating something special – amazing quality beauty products that help women feel good.  In this episode you’ll hear of Bonnie’s journey through creation of beauty products, the hurdles she encountered to bring excellent quality Australian products to market and the #1 question on every woman’s lips – where do we most often go wrong when it comes to make up application and trends.

Bonnie also shares;

  • How creating her brand was well thought out based on where her values lied
  • Why she wanted to create something special and different
  • The experience of custom making – the expense, the guidelines 
  • Her passion to share that 100% natural doesn’t actually mean 100% natural
  • How many companies are making misleading claims because there are no guidelines in regulating the beauty industry
  • How make up trends do change and how we can ride the wave
  • Her experience with business mentors and her realisation of self belief
  • Why the application process of makeup can be a game changer
  • How the wrong type of products can be terrible for different women and what they are
Connect with Bonnie – @ozbeautyexpert (  @basics_byb (

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