Season 2 – Episode 23: Helping Women Feel Better with Natalie McGrath
Naturopath Natalie McGrath loves helping women feel better.  She wanted to change the culture of how women look after themselves, switching this up to be something more necessary than indulgent.  She knows too well that when we invest in ourselves, everybody benefits but breaking down old patterns isn’t easy.  With this in mind she saw a gap in the market and created a beauty/skin produce Glowso, a supplement targeted at skin health.  In this episode Natalie not only shares her personal story but how important self care is, and why we need the right products to benefit.

In this episode Natalie and Nat also talk about;

  • How feeling optimal has a flow on effect
  • Why we can let go of the guilt around putting ourselves first for a happier and healthier life
  • Why being an example to our children and loved ones is so important 
  • How we can reframe how we see downtime and selfceare
  • Why she created the product Glowso and how it was after 100’s of patients were taking collagen and similar products for skin health however most products in Natalie’s opinion didn’t quite hit the mark
  • Why we all need collagen; what it does, how it is important for various aspects of health including gut support and anti-inflammatory properties
  • The difference between Marine collagen and Bovine Collagen
  • How adult acne can be addressed
  • Why using local botanicals may be a hidden secret for us to benefit from

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