Season 2 – Episode 19: Are your teeth making you sick with Trina Felber

Trina Felber was a nurse of 30 years and is now the owner of Primal Life Organics. But after studying anaesthesia and furthering her skill set, she was stumped when her daughter developed issues with her teeth at a very young age. She figured out the connection between oral health and our overall health and teaches about how the mouth is the gateway to your entire health.

In this episodes she shares more on;

  • How everything starts in the mouth and why oral hygiene may be the missing link in your own health path
  • What bad breath really means
  • How you can really fix receding gums
  • The deal with root canals
  • Do you need to scrape your tongue
  • How the teeth meridians are connecting tooth to organ and what this can tell us specifically about each organ in the body
  • How tooth and mouth disease is linked to diabetes, thyroid, heart issues and effective dysfunction
  • Why you want to create an alkaline environment and how this can change your entire body
  • And so much more!

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