Season 2 – Episode 16: From nothing to everything with Erin Deering

Founder of Triangl Swimwear, Erin Deering opens up in this vulnerable and heartfelt podcast where she tells her story of going from nothing to everything and the reality of being miserable despite having ‘it all.’ Erin opens up and shares her story in this podcast to help other business women, mothers and those on a quest to find the happiness in life we all deserve.

Erin shares;

  • how Triangl hit the ground running and exceeded their wildest expectations as a brand
  • how Instagram was such a fundamental part of the process and how much things have changed in 10 years
  • Her experience of going from nothing to everything and how miserable she was through this
  • The break up of both the business and marriage
  • How we will continue to repeat patterns in other areas of our lives to learn the lesson
  • What rock bottom looked like and what that meant for her as a mother
  • What ‘doing the work’ is
  • What the first part of healing was for her and the modalities that became a turning point
  • How telling stories just like this helps us all in our own personal growth

Connect with Erin @erinkdeering



Listen to the podcast here. 

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