Season 2 – Episode 15: Understanding Your Own Hormone Imbalance with Dr Shawn Tassone

What exactly is integrative medicine? And why do so many doctors seem to dismiss hormones? Author of The Hormone Balance Bible and The Wellness Collective’s resident OBGYN, Dr Shawn Tassone is back to share with us insights as to why so many patients are misdiagnosed and how they can profile their symptoms to gain clues and answers into their own hormone imbalance.

In this episode Dr Shawn discusses;

  • What exactly is integrative medicine
  • Why patient encounters are important in your skillset as a provider
  • Why it’s time to talk how attacking other providers for making money has to stop
  • How hormone imbalances are misunderstood and his thoughts on groups promoting hormone imbalance is fake
  • The beef stroganoff principle and how we can finally understand medicine
  • How talking in stories connected patients with their body to finally understand their hormones to increase results
  • The number one hormone imbalance and how it likely isn’t what you think (low testosterone) and how to address it
  • The Hormone Quiz you must do to figure out your hormone type –

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