Season 2 – Episode 14: How to truly live a long and extraordinary life with Marcus Pearce

The key to living a long and happy life isn’t necessarily what you might think. Journalist, podcaster and health educator Marcus Pearce has gone to the ends of the earth to find out what truly is the secret to longevity. But living a long life isn’t necessarily ideal without health and happiness. In this episode, he will share with you tips and tools so you can have it all.

Marcus talks about;

  • Why family really shouldn’t come first if you want to be truly happy and why we need to be somewhat selfish to be happier and healthier (and equally why family is important)
  • How some of the happiest people in the world lost all their family and why this allowed them to live a more fulfilled life
  • Why diet has far less to do with longevity
  • How one of the most important things we can consider is how adaptive we are and recognise self evolution is essential
  • How the family unit is different for everybody and finding what works for you is far more important that what works for others
  • Why we don’t need to live by other peoples rules
  • Why the 3 ingredients for happiness and a long life are purpose, social and movement.
  • The role stress plays in ageing

And how it’s never too late to start.

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