Season 2 – Episode 13: How to see better without glasses or surgery with Claudia Muehlenweg

Thought eye sight deterioration was a given? Think again! Claudia Muehlenweg is here to teach us how to have clearer vision within weeks, regardless of your age or state of current vision.

In this episode Claudia shares her wisdom as a vision coach and expert and discusses eye health like you’ve possibly never heard before, including;

  • What causes vision to decline, often suddenly without warning
  • Why sometimes your vision can be blurry but other times ok
  • External factors which contribute to eye sight
  • Why your glasses may be the perfect spiral towards deteriorating eyesight
  • Why ‘sunning’ can help you regain vision and especially improve your night time vision
  • Why blinking is a form of relaxation and extremely beneficial towards healthy eye sight, and the reasons why we’ve stopped blinking
  • How to easily restore your sight, without it feeling like a chore
  • Techniques you can start today to have your eyes feeling better

And everything in-between including access to her 10 easy steps to see clearly, without glasses or surgery.

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