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Have you seen my ‘Nat Loves‘ page?  A place where I share the things I’m loving that will help you make your hormones happier and your life sweeter.  From time to time I will share about these amazing resources, products and people who give a helping hand, after all the secret to success is working smarter, not harder with good tools and a great community – it’s a wonderful recipe!

I remember when Olivia was born.  I had a right time, I was in ‘pre-labour’ for an entire week and Daddy K, well let’s just say he was fairly useless through no fault of his own.  I had no idea what to expect, he had no idea what to expect and together we weren’t communicating well.  For four long nights, I laboured on and off whilst he slept because I had told myself an unrealistic story – in my head, I decided it was better for him to rest so that when I needed him, he had all of his energy.  WHAT THE HELL!? He snored, whilst I laboured. In hindsight, not ideal.

Fast forward to my second birth with Geordie.  I was very clear with Daddy K, he needed to pick up his game, otherwise I wasn’t going for round two.  Second birth, he was amazing, he knew exactly what to do.

It goes to show however, that at times we can have unrealistic expectations, especially around the unknown. For Olivia’s birth I often wonder if I had the support and care I was craving would it have been different? Let’s face it, it was long, unsettled and I felt like a fish out of water.  I also didn’t want to push from the get go… which is pretty counterproductive in the whole scheme of giving birth.

I want to invite you this month as our featured “Nat Love’s Peeps“, to check out About Birth.  I’ve known the team from About Birth for around 9 years now – an incredible support team helping couples in their birthing journey.  They have launched their online birthing course which means you and your own Daddy-to-be can learn from the comfort of your couch!  I don’t know about your Baby Daddy, but mine sure wasn’t into birth classes until he realised after the fact that it was kind of a big deal!

About Birth | Online Birth Education Program | Affiliate Assets

Better still – I’ve a special code to give you 15% off!  Check out the course here and use the code NATLOVES. One of the most valuable tools you can learn is how to birth with right mindset and approach – something I wished I had more of first time around. Feel free to share this with your loved ones and help others make their birth a more enjoyable experience.

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