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Today I am freaking excited.  Today is THE day.  Today is the day we launch my Christmas campaign#just1wish. I had the light bulb moment.  We needed to reunite together and shine a light on wellness, especially huddling in as a community and passing on information to support one another.  I quickly a ran snap poll.  60% of women said they carried regret from the choices they made in their younger years which most likely had an impact on their overall health and wellbeing.  I was onto something.  Truth is, the choices we make everyday influence our long term health.  I thought, how do I create mass awareness and sharing our experience to help others?  How can we come together to reunite and support our future generations wellness?   After all, the wisdom of the future lies within the past. I believe, that the tradition of community and ‘secret women’s business’ is under threat and that the knowledge of years gone by is the key for women’s hormone health and wellbeing, both young and old.

My campaign, #just1wish, aims to reunite women and congregate. To rejoin the dots and pass on ‘just one piece of advice’ women wished they knew to tell their younger selves. By creating awareness, my hope is to reminded all that our health is a constant work in progress and the more we can learn from others, the more we can understand ourselves.  I strongly believe we aren’t supposed to go it alone. Community is crucial. I’m further extending the invite  – for men to join in and help spread the message – in hope to pass this wisdom to loved ones; their daughters, sisters, mothers alike.

Christmas is the time of hope and giving and the perfect chance for us to count our blessings, pass on our wisdom and to raise money and awareness.  A21 is a charity close to my heart, making a difference in prevention, protection and prosecution in the underground world of human trafficking; regaining freedom for thousands of women. Human trafficking is modern day slavery – and the choice for many women isn’t something they are privileged to. So what do you need to do?

just1wish Let’s globally unite as women, share our truth, empower, educate and pass on our wisdom – it’s our right to do so. Simply by sharing your this image with your own #just1wish on social media and nominating 2 friends to do the same and sharing my twitterFacebook or Instagram (@NatKringoudis) handles, we can create mass awareness.  By linking back to my pages, people can easily donate as they share. My one wish:

“health isn’t a given and my daily approach to wellbeing will make a difference between health and sickness ongoing.”  


Our supporters and Ambassadors:


GraziaUK_Amy lower res


Amy Molloy  Amy Molloy is an author and journalist, whose career began as a reporter at The Daily Mail in London, before moving to Sydney to become editor- of Grazia magazine. Now a freelance writer, Amy specialises in topics surrounding health, wellbeing and self-development. In 2007, Amy published her first book Wife Interrupted, a memoir of her experience of being widowed at 23, and also runs yoga &threapeutic journalling retreats.   

You’ve met beautiful Amy several times before, but most recently in her heartfelt post about how she reclaimed her period.  Check it out here.

Amy’s wish: “that you realise your body is your friend not your enemy, and you should treat it with compassion and pride – and learn to be happy naked right now!!’




Therese Kerr

Therese’s wish: “I wished I knew the dangers associated with wearing lots of perfume and using highly fragranced body wash and lotion.”  


To extend the love a little further, I’m donating all (100%) of proceeds of her online e-program Debunking Ovulation (https://www.natkringoudis.com) to A21 for the month of December 2014. Your purchase will support A21 or you may donate directly via my campaign here.  SHARE THE LOVE TOO!

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