Jess Ainscough – the true Wellness Warrior

A little over three years ago I was researching on the web when I came across a stunning image; a beautiful woman, so vibrant, full of life and wellbeing, I instantly wanted to know more of her.  I continued to search and found myself mesmorised.  It was Jess.  She had just released her e-book ‘Make Peace with Your Plate,’ and was taking the wellness space by storm as she rawly shared her journey.  Her writing grasped me and I was inspired by her strength.  She was living her life to the fullest in every single moment.

I reached out to Jess and I admit, I was surprised but freaking excited that she replied almost immediately.  We shared a common bond – our passions so similar – we wanted people to understand their own wellness.  A few months rolled by and we continued to email.

Skip forward a few months and the map out of healthtalks was in full creative swing.  Ian, our executive producer, said to me – ‘who’s going to do this with you? Are you sure we can find suitable talent?’  I knew we could.  In fact, I knew the perfect quartet.  I reached out to Jess, Mel and Sam and they all, literally within minutes replied – I’M IN!  And so it began – healthtalks became one of the first programmes of it’s kind.  Four girls, sharing health tips weekly all from my couch or in local industrial kitchens right here in Melbourne.  From Jess’ ‘most favourite topic ever’ – enemas – through to activating nuts and mapping out menstrual cycles, we went ‘there.’  We did things that had our crew squirming and we loved every minute.  We laughed a lot about serious stuff.


Sitting here today typing this, I can’t tell you how blessed, proud and to be truthful, in utter awe I am of what the team each individually brought to healthtalks.  And I know I’m not alone in saying that we all feel so very grateful to have had that experience together. healthtalks took us to places we never ever could have known. healthtalks pushed us to a health space we didn’t know possible. healthtalks allowed us to work with Jess.  For that I’m forever grateful and I certainly know I’m not alone.

Jess’ passing has shocked the wellness world because she came along and ROCKED the wellness world.  

As much as I feel a huge hole in my stomach, I must remind us all that we have not lost.  We have gained so much through Jess’ passion and strength, through her work and so openly sharing her journey.  Through Jess and her legacy, we have learnt to take charge of our health no matter what – and what she taught us was that there was not ‘right’ way but simply YOUR way.

Jess is a true Wellness Warrior.

Jess’ journey inspired thousands, maybe because some were so intrigued by her approach and for others they were, like me, captivated by her ability to radiate wellness and inspire us to be the best version of ourselves.  Let’s not for one minute morph that into anything but fact, that Jess’ deliberate intention was to lead you to becoming the greatest version of you.

Thank you for taking a chance with me Jess.  Thank you for calling me sista, your beautiful, and a friend. Thank you for being one of the most incredibly inspiring human beings I had the privilege of knowing personally.  Thank you for being a positive force in a world where negativity so often takes over.  Thank you for being YOU.  You truly were like no other.

You’ll be forever in my heart.



If you’d like to donate to Jess’ charity of choice in lieu of flowers – you can head here to do so.

I welcome you to leave your beautiful and supportive comments below.  Anything of the contrary will not be tolerated.  Even having to type that pains my heart – let’s stay strong together.  In the words of the true beauty herselfBe kind. Be brave. Be well.


  • March 2, 2015 By Erin 9:38 am

    Big, huge love to you Nat and all that knew Jess. What a gorgeous tribute. Healthtalks inspired me to find my own way and I am forever thankful for stumbling across you beautiful and inspiring women.

  • March 2, 2015 By Elizabeth Rose 10:10 am

    Beautiful tribute Nat. I loved watching healthtalks (thank you for creating such an informative show). Jess really was a beacon of light + inspiration. How privileged you are to have known her personally. My heart goes out to all of you her knew her well. Much love xxx

  • March 2, 2015 By Sarah 10:12 am

    Beautiful Nat!
    Jess was a true angel, and you are blessed to have loved and beloved by her. She’s made the most gorgeous imprint on this world.

  • March 2, 2015 By Denise Harvey 12:06 pm

    Such sad news to hear of Jess’s passing. She inspired so many on their own journey of wellness and her legacy will live on.
    Beautiful tribute.

  • March 2, 2015 By Bianca 12:11 pm

    Beautifully written Nat. Perfect words! x

  • March 2, 2015 By Veronica 12:14 pm

    mourning someone you never physically met has really been difficult these last few days. It was Jess’ blog that opened up the door to my wellness journey. I discover the Wellness Warrior when I was at one of my lowest points. Her words helped me through depression and then the passing of my father. Her passion and dedication is the reason for me starting my own juice market stall this year, introducing a wellness program at work and enrolling into IIN. Words cannot express the feelings that I have but I am forever Grateful to The Wellness Warrior xx

  • March 2, 2015 By Andrea 12:14 pm

    I came across Jess late in the scene, her book Make peace with your plate, was in a book club box we got in at work. I was instantly drawn to the book and had to buy it! Her views and passion and strength truly inspired me and shook my so certain knowledge of what I thought was healthy before. She is and was a truly inspiring woman and I’m so blessed to have found her work. May she rest in peace knowing her message reached and changed the lives of so many xx

  • March 2, 2015 By Kellie 12:22 pm

    I never had the chance to see Jess speak in person, but she was one of the first “bloggers” I happily stumbled across on my path of low-tox living, and improved wellness. Such a beautiful spirit shone out of every word she wrote on her website, and the gorgeousness that radiated from her when watching videos of her made it so clear to see that what she lived was pure love and joy. I can only imagine what an immense privilege it must be to have known her personally, and call her “friend”.
    My heart goes out to you Nat, and all of those close to her that must now learn to live life without her. I’m sure her legacy will live on through the many, many people who’s lives she has touched <3

  • March 2, 2015 By Marnie Bergan 12:53 pm

    Oh, Nat. You have me in tears. Such a spot on, perfectly written and eye-opening tribute. While I still feel a lot of sadness, I know you’re right. We have gained so much in knowing about Jess and her journey.

  • March 2, 2015 By Vid 12:57 pm

    Jess was a beautiful soul and her loss has really touched me even though I have never met or seen her in person. A true indication that her presence affected the lives of so many. May she rest in peace.

  • March 2, 2015 By Loren 1:04 pm

    I have to wait until tonight when the kids are in bed to read this. I have seriously been rocked by her passing too. Can’t have a break down mid way through the day! Thanks Nat. Xo

  • March 2, 2015 By Penny 3:37 pm

    Oh Nat, sending you so much love!!! I love Jess so much and I am where I am now because of her influence in my life!! I am heading back to Gerson this year and will silently dedicate this trip to her!!! Her legacy will live on through people like you and I and thousands more and more that have been touched by her!!! Love you jess so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • March 2, 2015 By Sarah 6:50 pm

    My heart was so heavy with sadness when I learnt of Jess’ passing. The way she wrote truly inspired people to take action and improve themselves. She was amazingly strong, brutally honest and beautifully inspiring – she is going to be so missed by her tribe. I hope you guys know what a difference you’re making with the work you do x

  • March 2, 2015 By aj 7:23 pm

    Lovely tribute
    She was an inspiration in so many many ways
    Sad that her journey ended so soon – but what a legacy to leave for the rest of us

  • March 2, 2015 By Lisa Winneke 8:32 pm

    Loved this blog and what you have shared. Although I never went to any of her events, being in the wellness arena I was very aware of Jess and her courage to speak her truth no matter what others had to say about her stance!

    Thanks Nat for sharing your thoughts in such a beautifully articulate way. Jess is beaming! X

  • March 3, 2015 By Renee 2:26 am

    So much love to you Nat. And I love that.. There is no ‘right’ way, but simply YOUR way.

  • March 3, 2015 By Justin from Extreme Health Radio 8:56 am

    She will be missed. Thanks for sharing! We followed her journey almost the entire way. Now she’s on to bigger and better things!

  • March 3, 2015 By emma 5:18 pm

    Beautiful post Nat. I was really floored with sadness when I read the email of her passing. jess made a massive impact on my life. one that I will be forever grateful for. it was the first blog I ever read, and I read every inch of it. haha. my partner would be scared when I was sitting there in the morning reading jess’s post for the day. scared of what new food or health habit I was going to introduce into our lives next. (from expensive cold pressed juicers to coffee enemas) health habit by health habit I introduced and I now feel amazing. she opened my eyes and my mind to a whole new way of living. my life is different because of jess. I feel deeply saddened at the hole that exists in my life where once the wellness warrior blog did. the positivity and inspiration you could take away from reading her blog is something that will be missed by many. my thoughts are with her father, tallon & all her friends. x

  • March 6, 2015 By Anita McKenzie 3:27 pm

    Dear Nat….. I wish you much strength and send tonnes of love your way as you face the days ahead without your beautiful friend, Jess.
    Jess was my first experience with on-line blogs and how blessed I was to ‘ stumble across’ her website. She sure changed my life and inspired me. From Jess’ blog I found the gorgeous Melissa Ambrosini and the lovely you! My heart is saddened and I will miss Jess. She made such a huge difference in the world. My heart breaks for her family and friends. Heartfelt love to you all xxx xxx xxx Anita xxx xxx xxx

  • March 6, 2015 By Peta Chait 4:52 pm

    I cant tell you how sad I am about the loss of Jess. I stumbled upon her when she first started blogging and I have to say from the minute I “found” Jess, I was hooked, she certainly had something so special to give and we all so willingly took it. Through her I met all of you and for that I am again grateful. My heart is sore for her family, Talon and her dogs, I realised that once her mother had passed away she was not in the public eye and we missed her so dearly but respected her wishes. To say this came as a shock is the truth, I so often thought of her and went to check out the site The Wellness Warrior.
    I kind of never expected this to happen and am so shocked and upset. But thank you for being in our lives, you woman are truly inspirational and amazing and have changed so many aspects of my life through all the knowledge I have gained from watching and reading all your posts.
    much love
    Peta xxx

  • March 6, 2015 By Loren 8:53 pm

    Well done Nat, I stumbled across Jess at about the same time you did and she captivated me for all the same reasons. i loved her honesty and complete openness about true health and wellness. She spoke my language and I truely appreciated that. I knew that if I had heard of any knew health topic I could turn to her blog and get the answers in a way that I needed to hear them. I am now taking on a renewed attitude towards my health, all because of Jess, Mel, Sam and you. A great team and sadly missed. Thank you xo

  • March 7, 2015 By Anna 5:32 pm

    Oh Nat, such lovely words. Jess’s positivity was so inspiring and I loved watching the four of you – so much shared wisdom. What a big difference she made in so many people’s lives.

  • March 8, 2015 By Melissa 11:54 am

    Jess shaped my wellness journey. This space will now be really hard to fill.

  • March 14, 2015 By Hirapona 9:33 pm

    Thank you Nat for honoring the life of this beautiful angel and sharing why you were so drawn to her in the first place.

    I am sure that now she watches us all as she dances into eternity, with eager anticipation, as to how we will hold her mantle and unfold her dream for us all to reach our greatest potential in this lifetime.

    Thank you for the opportunity to post this message and thank you for all of the wonderful work you do too.

    From the heart

    Hirapona xx

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