Is This The Solution To Your ‘Family Planning?’

It’s non synthetic and it’s 99.3% effective.  You’re going to want to check this out!

I’ve been handed a couple of ‘contraptions’ of late that help us ladies monitor our fertility a whole lot better, the Daysy being one of them (I’ll let you know about the others soon too).  It’s super exciting to see various gadgets becoming available to assist us in understanding our fertility and using this to our advantage – either for conception or not*.

Over the past few months, I’ve been trialling the Daysy Fertility Device and I’m excited to say to you, ladies, it’s worth checking out.

Around 4 years ago I had the pleasure of taking its big sister, the lady comp for a spin.  Truth be told, whilst in theory I loved the idea of something telling me when I was in my fertile window, I didn’t like the device itself.  It was bulky and I felt like I needed a university degree to work it out and a car trailer to lug it around.

The Daysy landed on my desk and I was pleasantly surprised.  It was small, easy to use and I didn’t need to pack an extra suitcase to take it wherever I went.  I was impressed.


Here’s the low down;

+ The Daysy is 99.3% effective.  Impressive.

+ It works by learning your menstrual cycles.  Also impressive.

+ It utilises an algorithm to assist in understanding your fertile and non-fertile times.

+ It takes the guess work out of knowing your fertile window.  Truly.

+ It’s used in conjunction with an app which means it hooks up to your phone to import the data it records so you can easily see your history and also see your information via the calendar – handy to chart your info and have it at hand whenever you need to take a look.


How it works;

Each morning before you rise, you place Daysy’s tip under your tongue to allow it to record your basal body temperature (BBT).  From the very first time you use Daysy, she begins learning your cycle and over the first three or so months, the device collects your temperature data to understand your body and begin calculating your non-fertile and fertile times.

Soon, Daysy will begin to tell you what’s going on each day of your cycle by a series of lights that correspond to your patterns.

That is specifically;

Red light – fertile phase

Orange light – learning phase (in this window it’s important to adopt other methods to prevent pregnancy, as is with the red light if you are using this to prevent pregnancy)

Green light – infertile phase

Purple light – menstruation

The longer you use Daysy, the less orange days you will see and the more accurate it becomes.  It’s important to understand that whilst it is learning your cycle, especially if you’ve recently ceased taking the oral contraceptive pill or had an implant or mirena removed, that barrier methods are used.

The most exciting thing about Daysy is that you don’t have to measure your temperature at the same time each and every day, but importantly, always upon rising.  I know many women adopted the tiring commitment in setting an alarm to record their basal body temperature (BBT) so that they could be accurate with their measurements.  No more! The Daysy provides ultimate freedom in detecting your fertile and non-fertile phases so long as you take your BBT before you rise!

Of course can also be used to help you understand your fertile times, in order to improve your chance of conception.  It’s a winner for all.

Want to get your own Daysy?  You should!  I am loving mine.  

I’d love to know if you’ve used Daysy OR if you have any questions.  I’m keen to help because I hand on heart believe this can change many women’s lives!

* Daysy is considered an awareness device and cannot be referred to as ‘contraception’ (as stated on the pamphlet).  Sounds confusing?  Here’s why.  There are rigid terms as to what may be referred to as contraception – contraceptions refer to pharmaceutical products.  So whilst this device is used to ‘plan around your fertility’, it is best referred to as a fertility device. Got it?  Super!


  • November 11, 2016 By Kate 4:58 pm

    Hi Nat,
    Would you recommend this as the best product for non-hormonal contraception? I am interested but it is a big investment for me (I am a full-time student)!

  • December 14, 2016 By Amie 3:29 am

    What about those of us that struggle with pics and irregular periods? Would this be a recommended product for those like me?

  • January 20, 2019 By Jessica Doneley 12:32 pm

    Are most of these companies created equal as this is very expensive and I’ve found similar for much less?

    • March 6, 2019 By Nat Kringoudis 9:14 am

      I think it is the technology that we pay for….

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