How to become a natural fertility expert.

Ok – not because I want to blow my own horn but because people are asking – e v e r y d a y – just how did I become a natural fertility expert I thought it was a great opportunity to dedicate some time in to finding out a little more about how I arrived here.  Whether people want to know more for their own journey to fertility (just who’s blog are you reading exactly!?) or to add more skill to their treatment scope, equally it seems you are all super keen to know a bit more.

People would once look at me like I had two heads when I’d say I was a Chinese Medicine Herbalist.  Most people had no clue what that involved and I’m pretty certain some thought I was a witch doctor that brewed herbs in my mushroom house in preparation to poison snow white.

Fast forward 10 years and people are now so keen to absorb information and better their health and what’s more, how to integrate fertility methods into their own business, be it life coaching, specific practitioner skills or to create more awareness – people love my approach (and quietly I’m fist pumping the air that you even care!)

Here’s how it all happened;

I studied for several years at La Trobe University, laying the foundation with a Health Science stream.  As I neared the end of this, I needed to decide rather rapidly what I’d do next.

I landed in Traditional Chinese Medicine at Victoria University.  The course no longer exists which is a shame because it was one of the best at the time, but you can study Chinese Herbal Medicine at RMIT or Southern School of Natural Medicine.

I completed my degree at Vic Uni, opened up my practice – The Pagoda Tree and in the same year returned to school to complete my Acupuncture qualifications at The Southern School of Natural Medicine.  You can now also study this course at Endeavour College.

Like any hands on modality, clinical experience was the transformation for me and really, the best way to concrete it all in.  I had no reservations and was extremely determined to make this work – after 10.5 years at uni, I wasn’t settling for mediocre.  At this time (we’re talking 10 years ago), there were no options for practitioners other than to open their own clinic.  So that was that, I really had no choice but to make my clinic successful.

Opening a practice takes dedication.  To make it work, even more so.  It’s said that opening up clinical practice in a metropolitan area takes a minimum of 5 years for it to make money. The ONE thing I did when I opened my business was to do so without any debt, it meant I re-invested every penny but if it fell through, I didn’t owe anybody, anything. Even still now days, it isn’t easy to run a practice (I now have 8 people working for me), but the boom of the wellness industry has certainly helped more than what many may realise.

Upon opening the clinic, there was an influx of women needing help and support around their fertility.  It certainly wasn’t my preference (at the time) to treat these women.  In fact, I boldly made it known I didn’t want to treat fertility. They were (at least it felt like) problematic.  They had HUGE issues and I had literally no idea how to help them.  The skills I had acquired at uni hadn’t even scratched the surface in their area of women’s health.  But, something within me knew that, whilst I was resistant, this was my future and so I set out to become a leader in the industry – since at the time nobody was excelling in this arena.

I then went and buried myself in fertility.  I researched, buried my head into books, short courses, chatted with the experts in the medical field, aligned myself with the pro’s, preformed A LOT of trial and error based treatment (THIS was without doubt the icing on the cake) and got away with it because nobody was doing it – and these women were very often desperate.  They allowed me to do things that not even I was sure would work… but they mostly did.  Oh, and I went on to have children myself – which opened up an entirely new perspective.

And then, all of a sudden, my inbox got busy!  Word was spreading (and lets face it, I’m a vocal person) which lead me to create this site because I was inundated with questions and plea’s for help from women desperate for answers.  By now, I had many insights into what worked, and so the birth of Fertilise Yourself naturally took things to a new level – it gave me the strength to own my work, to step up, to make it public and to reach people I would have never been able to before.  Then I started speaking and sharing, creating TV and loving every second, I realised THIS was where I was supposed to be.  I now call myself a Natural Fertility Educator, Author and Speaker and I’m lucky enough to be able to say I’m a Dr of Chinese Medicine too!

People now ask me my best advice on how they can attain the same skills I have and frankly, I’m not even sure how to answer.  There’s been so very much thrown in the mix, what specifically worked and what didn’t – I’m not even sure much of the time.  What I do know is, what has worked for me, may or may not be your path.  But let me share with you what I believe to be the key ingredient in all of this – the one thing that we all need to get where we are going.


You see, having the right mindset and attitude, you’ll take yourself to YOUR new level.  Integrating what you do, immersing yourself in it and fully loving it makes for success.  Having the right outlook can take you anywhere.  I’ve learnt (gotta love my business coach) that I can have all the skill in the universe but if my mindset and attitude is bung, I’ll go nowhere.

I love that I can share this with you today – because this isn’t limited to becoming a natural fertility expert – this is relevant for everybody.  Being the best that we can be in this game of life is what it is all about and following that path that is true for you.  I do sit here and wonder where I will be in 10 years time.  But don’t worry – I have plans 😉

Oh and before I go – happy day one to all my Gentle Body Cleansers!  If you’ve missed out, stay tuned – I’ve decided to announce another.

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9 Responses to “How to become a natural fertility expert.”

  1. Renuka

    I am so grateful that you have become a natural fertility expert. The knowledge about fertility and well being that’s you have shared has changed my life for the better. Thank you so much.

  2. Emmy Clews

    Thank you for this post, Nat!

    I feel like it was meant for me. To me, it’s one of those ‘signs’ that you get along the way when you’re walking into something brand new. Thank you for being such a support and inspiration to so many women, including myself. You’re a leader and a shining light, indeed!

  3. Domonique

    All credit to you, you beautiful woman! And to those courageous few who put their faith in you! X

  4. Hannah Morgan

    Hi Nat some great insights and love your comment about attitude. Your work is trully inspiring and I love that it all comes from the heart. I have not yet trully found my career calling but have considered studying Chinese Medicine – a huge financial and time commitment though so it is useful to hear about your pathway. Please Keep doing what you are doing!

    Hannah x

  5. Emma

    Wanted to post this somewhere and here seems as good as any.., just wanted to say THANK YOU for giving me the power and information to take my health into my own hands and come off the pill. I was one of those young girls who were put on the pill for acne and, 13 years later, am looking to start a family in the next couple of years. I have really taken on board the wonderful advice you give on the blog and wanted to express my thanks. I feel I have really ownership of this decision.

  6. Buffy Gill @

    Loved this post – so fascinating to learn more about your background Nat. You’re one very well educated and smart lady! Impressed. Love your site and work, thank you for everything that you do – it’s helping me in a very personal way also. x Buffy

  7. Lauren

    Thank you for this post! I think a positive attitude is key. As I am just starting my own nutrition practice focusing on women, I’ve done a LOT of reading lately about women’s health conditions because all I had in college for it was pregnancy/lifestyle nutrition. Of course, I’ve learned tons from your site & podcast too!

  8. Chrissa Reed

    Thanks for sharing about your journey, Nat! Your passion and dedication to educating about natural fertility and health is a such an inspiration. Thanks 🙂

  9. Clare

    Best books ever on natural fertility are by Ruth Trickey. She is the BEST hands down.