healthtalks – you asked for it!

Here’s something a little different. Today we’re answering a few of the questions that have come up over the past few months about us here at healthtalks; you know like do we colour our hair (guilty… you’ll learn a little about me and my hair in this episode actually) and what sort of make up we wear.

And before you jump in and watch – please just let me say this much. I love red heads. Just not me as one. Ok… now we have that clear, you’re good to go – click the play button! Oh and as always – get commenting below and keep asking us the questions you’d like answered – you never know what we might cover next season!



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8 Responses to “healthtalks – you asked for it!”

  1. Margs

    Great segment, thanks. Nat are you able to show us your day on a plate?

    Jess showed us in a post a little while ago what she ate in a day.

    Would love to see the same for you if you can.

  2. Mimi

    Love the idea of not putting hair dye onto the scalp. But for someone like me, who has dark hair with lots of grey regrowth, this is hard to avoid without looking, well, grey! Recently I tried a hair dye from the health food shop, but I suspect no hair dye is fully safe. Any thoughts or recommendations on how to darken my hair close to the roots without toxifying my scalp? Thanks so much!

  3. Wendy

    Great clip. You recently mentioned Jacqueline Evans skincare, but I’d be interested to know some cosmetic brands you recommend trying (i.e. foundation, etc.). Cheers

    • mnfadmin

      stay tuned for this – it’s on schedule.

      • Beck

        I love this segment….my first watch!

        I would love to know your make up regime with coconut oil. also what is the natural hair peroxide you can spray on your hair and where do you get it?