healthtalks – so keen for keen-wah (aka QUINOA)

Say it with me kids – keeen waaah

Some of us are so MAD about quinoa… we’re making a week of it! The girls jumped into the kitchen and got quinoa crazy – there’s a big chance you’ll be inspired to get your cook on after watching this, ESPECIALLY if you have over indulged over the easter break. In fact, we didn’t realise just how much we loved it until we realised just how many quinoa recipes we’ve featured! Chances are, you’ve made one of those if you’re a human with tastebuds.

Sam talks about the benefits of quinoa (and the not so fab effects too). I’ll be back on the healthalks site tomorrow to give you my take on this. You may want to check that out. My opinion on quinoa may be different to what you think!


Sam go to fast for you? Don’t do your quinoa over it – she has the recipe on her site.

How do you like your quinoa? I’d love to hear your unique recipe. I’d love to see your recipes too, & feature on here on the site. Happy Tuesday


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