healthtalks – Episode 2, coffee enemas! (yup – we went there)

Our second Healthtalks clip is up! And today Jess Ainscough is sharing about coffee enemas! (YES… she demonstrates how in a VERY discrete & tasteful way)

I have to admit, I was a bit ‘iffy’ about this topic. Of course, I know why an emema can be a wonderful cleansing tool and I have no issues with what they achieve whatsoever. The benefits are outstanding but. This is a new show! We’re trying to win friends, not have them flocking to the loo! So when Jess first put the topic forward, I actually held it back from our executive producer. Truly. When he asked me for the topics I told him he he actually had to read through the script first and then get back to me. He too loved it, AFTER reading. Jess had put my mind at ease once I understood her approach. I think we have done a great job of sharing enemas in a way that they make sense without it being gross. It is EXACTLY this kind of information that we want to keep bringing you here on healthtalks.

Oh and before you go off to watch, remember you have one more day to register for the gentle cleanse I’m running via the site. You can access more information here. Quite fitting really – since the aim of an enema is essentially to help the body rid of toxins. Jess will explain more so go on and see. You could even add an enema to your cleanse to take it up a notch!

Now, watch here to find out how…



And if you’re looking to get kitted up for a ‘Try This At Home‘ experiment, here’s where you can buy all you need:

Enema kit:
Inner Glow Health (Australia) $68
ISHI Medical (Mexico) $11 – This is where I buy my kits from because they are much cheaper, but those of us in Australia have to front the cost of postage. I buy in bulk, so it doesn’t bother me. You do need to purchase the enema kit, enema tube and connector. These kits are more of a disposable kind, and not as sturdy as the ones from Inner Glow, however I don’t mind trading my bucket in for a new one every month or so.

Organic coffee:
Inner Glow Health
Any health/organic food store. Ask for organic light to medium roast.

A note from Jess: I like to also lay down an absorbable pad like the blue pads from ISHI to soak up any coffee that may drip out while I’m doing the enema (it can be handy in the beginning so you’re not washing so many towels). You can also find these at some pharmacies. I clean my bucket out with organic castile soap. Dr Bronner and Melrose are good brands.
What did you think? If you have any questions or comments, pop them below. Let’s make coffee enemas cool!


  • October 16, 2012 By Belinda 4:57 pm

    Pardon the pun but this topic seriously scares the pants off me! Perhaps this is not a bad thing. I’m certainly intrigued. Either way a high five has to go to Jess for making this icky topic, well.. not so icky. Does coffee have a similar effect if you take it the conventional way, that is your mouth? Does it ever leak out when you are laying down? Or getting up to go to the toilet post 15 minutes? So many questions! Ha ha ha. Can’t wait till episode 3.

  • October 16, 2012 By Nat 5:08 pm

    Bel! I know right? Can I tell you that it has the complete opposite effect. Coffee through the digestive system from the mouth, is toxic! Coffee up the other end is cleansing! As Jess says because it is a stimulant, it increases bile production and encourages the toxins to be dumped into the colon to be excreted. As far as the leakage factor, I think it’s a practice makes perfect kinda thing. Interesting though I know!

  • March 22, 2014 By Pam 5:28 pm

    Hi Jess , just wondering if there is anything else I can use to clean the bucket and tubes etc with. I have only used it once and haven’t found the Castile soap yet. I have googled a little and some say using vinegar, any thoughts on this? I don’t want to damage anything with the wrong products. Thanks in advance….. 🙂

  • August 30, 2014 By Saurabh 2:40 am


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