Healthtalks ep 9 – the REAL truth about our philosophies and what we eat

I can tell you this much. We’ve saved the best episode until last. We’ve been in filming season 2 over the last weekend and may I just take this second to tell something. You loved the pilot season right? You are going to LOVE season 2. With us coming together for round two, we’ve all found our groove and settled in (or maybe crazed up rather). But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. We’ve got todays ripper to go out with a bang! And that is all about why we eat the way we do and how we arrived here.samjess

Sam shares of how she has been around the vego block and back again arriving at her way of eating which sees her more along the lines of paleolithic practices and Jess shares of how she arrived at being vegan – not initially by choice but by a means of healing.

Mel shares of how her body shut down when she was abusing it, how she was in and out of hospital, had a terrible relationship with food and how breaking point was actually turning point for her. Then there is me. You know once I found my groove, I lost 14 kg? You can hear it all for yourself! Jump on the clip below and take a listen. It’s my favourite episode yet!

If you have any questions or comments, PLEASE do leave them in the comment section below. I LOVE feedback, and it helps me know what you want to hear and what us girls can share about on healthtalks! If you haven’t done so already – why don’t you pop over to the healthtalks facebook page, and like it to stay up to date in the Christmas season. Santa might have something special in store too!


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