healthtalks Ep 3 – beauty of the beets!

Today on healthtalks we’re all about beetroot. When we rolled into the LG kitchen, Sam had just finished from one of her master classes. Anyway, we all got a little taster of this stunning creation and Oh Em Gee! She had us at hello! Today Mel chats with Sam about this amazing beetroot recipe. You can check them out in just a sec, but I need to tell you about why I love beetroot first!

Beetroots are pretty darn nutritious, in fact they are one of the most nutrient dense foods going. They are packed of antioxidants which is good news for fertility! Antioxidants go about repairing the damaging effects of stress and daily life, pollutants and chemicals. This is key to healthy living and fertility. They are essential for good body function for both men and women. What’s more they have bumper levels of potassium and magnesium, which are where it’s at for improving and maintaining fertility of the man parts. But wait, there’s still more! Beets are high in vitamin C, helping along the immune system of the whole family! Truth is, we can all benefit from beets. Plus: Sam talks about how they are cleansing for the blood and a must on your dinner plate tonight.

So off you go! Take a look at these good looking ladies and see for yourself a dish that will get the mouth watering. Oh and remember for all my cleansing friends… this is for you! Oh and one more thing. If you want to cleanse… email me, I might just offer a second round of the gentle cleanse!

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Want to make it? Grab the recipe here.





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