healthtalks @ the Surviving Cancer event – my night with wellness royalty.

I had the pleasure a few weeks back, to attend the Surviving cancer event hosted by the Ian Gawler Foundation. In a healthtalks first, we were delighted to be asked to cover the event and as you will see, I was in my element! It was such an inspirational evening – I was excited to be able to sit down with several amazing people (including Ian Gawler!) who have taken their health into their own hands and healed themselves – much through the principles Ian shares in his book – you know he has sold over 250,000 copies world wide! I was in the presence of the wellness greats that night.

Our very own Jess shared her personal account and how she grabbed cancer by the horns and went about healing her body. The stand out ‘ahh haa’ penny dropping moment for me is this (you’ll need to watch the clip right to the end to hear her amazing journey to wellness); at no point in her life did she ever doubt her bodies ability to heal – and that she remained positive and found strength in believing in her body, fully. No doubt. Fearless. She’s such a delight, I’m pretty lucky to get to call her an amazing friend and wellness sister.

Here’s the clip – there’s a good load of information right throughout the segment, take a look, please share this post with those you love – you will change somebodies life in doing so and tell me about your thoughts in the comment section below. Do you know somebody who has conquered cancer?

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  • April 1, 2013 By Liz 9:51 am

    My dad is in the middle of reading this book and has done one of Ian Gawler’s retreats. He is getting a LOT out of his book and the personal experience (so is my mum, who went along with him).

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