Good Food Friday: Quinoa Nori Rolls from Amelia Williams

So just because I, Nat Kringoudis can’t eat quinoa (because I’ve made that pretty public!) doesn’t mean you can’t. And of course we’re all about making your Friday better!  So here’s to the quinoa eating, Friday loving friends out there. A ripper for take to work lunches OR entertaining over the weekend.  Hashtag winning!

Quinoa Nori Rolls

Cook up 1 cup of quinoa as per the instructions on the packet (1 cup quinoa for 3 cups of water) then let it cool.
Remember to always rinse off your quinoa before cooking it.

Lay out the nori.
Pop the quinoa on top (leaving a gap up the top for when you join it all together)
Add some mashed up tinned tuna (completely sustainable of course)
Top it off with some avocado, sliced cucumber and spinach.

You can mix up which veggies you have (carrots, cooked zucchini, baby kale… whatever takes your fancy).

Then roll it all up with your bamboo mat (moisten the end of the nori with water so it sticks).  If you didn’t have a sushi bamboo mat, you could easily use some baking paper to assist in the rolling.
I didn’t add wasabi to the actual rolls as the children were having it too, but Hubby and I are huge wasabi fans so we dipped ours in separately.

Too easy!


Amelia Williams is a heart-driven Life + Wellness Coach and Mama of two beautiful children.  She thrives on love, herbal tea, wholesome foods, soul connection and sunshine.  
She supports women to embrace vulnerability, let go of their limiting beliefs and ultimately love ALL of who they are.  She believes everyone deserves to live the beautiful life they always dreamed of. She wants to see you shine!

Facebook: nurtureshine
Twitter: @ameliamw
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