Getting my de-clutter on!

Last week was a huge week! Between packing and moving and unpacking, I’ve had plenty of time ‘in my head,’  plenty of mind chatter (turn it off!) and plenty of time to just be in my thoughts (a real rarity to be honest!).  It’s been a de-cluttering of all varieties and that feeling of clearing and cleansing is second to none.  I feel light and bright and ready for the next chapter of our lives in a new home and new Melbourne location.

We’ve downsized our home to half the size of our previous family home.  We’ve sold or given away half our clothes, half our furniture and kitchen utensils to ensure we fit.  And we fit!  In doing so, I realised just how much we accumulate for no reason what so ever.  No, I didn’t need two fridges nor did we really need four couches or a ‘good’ and a ‘everyday’ dinner set.  What was I saving it for?

Over the last few months we’ve lived less in the minute and more in the future.  It’s been ‘once we move’ for what feels like eternity.  The biggest problem with doing this is not living in the present moment.  Sure it’s important to have goals and to always be looking forward, but suspending ourselves in these ‘soon it will be alright’ thought patterns can infiltrate our beings and lead to bigger problems – never living for now and always for when it gets ‘better.’  Not realising we need to seize the moment and make it as good as it can be.  And whilst the consequences of moving house come with far less complications, this process has allowed me to remember how we apply this to our health and wellness.

Time and time again, women tell me in a clinic situation they hate their job – but if they just fell pregnant, they could leave.  The reality is, until they quit their job (which is making them obviously unhappy or too stressed), it is likely that they simply won’t fall pregnant.  They’re doing exactly what I was doing – not living in the moment but living for when things get better.  And of course, waiting for somebody else to make things right is never going to happen either.  We are to create our own reality – we are the master controller!  Whether we choose to see it or not, our thoughts create and contribute to our health, our wellness, our job circumstances, our happiness….  This extends right through to gynaecological issues like PCOS or Endometriosis or thyroid troubles, period pain, PMS (I could go on and on) – these are all affected and made worse by stress and living a cluttered life.  Oh and a great way to kick this off is cleansing – some of you are cleansing with me in the coming weeks (can’t wait!).  It’s equally cathartic and gives your body a good rev up and ‘ship out!’  (for those who missed out – stay tuned, it seems I’m going to HAVE to do another one very soon).

So not only is this a little note to self, but a note to you too – do what makes you happy.  Not just because it feels darn good but because it’s equally important for your health and fertility.  Your job is a big part of your day.  If it’s making you unhappy, it’s placing stress and pressure on your body that it most likely can’t cope with long term.  And this same stress and pressure is the stuff that affects your body function – it’s a vicious cycle.  Maybe it isn’t work, maybe it’s a relationship that needs some mending or perhaps moving on from – same deal there too.  De-cluttering isn’t always a nice process, but the long term benefit outweighs the initial pain.  Do what makes you happy today and I guarantee your health and fertility will be equally as chuffed.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and experience on what you did to get happy and healthy – chances are somebody else will feel encouraged to do the same.  Happy Monday!

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2 Responses to “Getting my de-clutter on!”

  1. Marissa@ohhhsolovely

    love this post! i am always working on decluttering our home. i love the clarity and peace of mind that i get from a clutter free home. i’ve done a lot already in the last 6 mos. & only have one more rough room to tackle & i am eager to do this soon. i also was quite unhappy with my job situation last year, so now i work part time for someone else & part time for myself. i love it so much! i have more free time and am generally just a happier person now!

  2. SS

    You are such an inspiration, Nat! I always gain so much knowledge from your site! I’m in the middle of a huge de-cluttering too, and while it’s not easy, I feel SO much happier afterward. Unfortunately, I’ve been at a job I despise for 5 years now 🙁 but your post has inspired me to start making some changes in that department!